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This guy makes me mad

Written by PEKAC B at 15:15 14/4-2018

  1. A way how to lose Vuelta victory in the last stage:
  Your team participated in Vinaròs - Castillo de Peñíscola (ITT). Tobiasz Lukaszewicz finished 20 thth as your best rider.
  Farruco Alonso had good legs during the race. Tobiasz Lukaszewicz had an off day., Tobiasz Lukaszewicz rode the race in top form. Mauritio Salinas had an off day. 10:00
  2. Just a moment later:
  Your team participated in York - Manchester. Tobiasz Lukaszewicz finished 5 th as your best rider. You earned 7.000 $.
  Tobiasz Lukaszewicz had an off day. Tobiasz Lukaszewicz rode the race in top form. Falko Stallmaier was already injured when the race started. Falko Stallmaier suffered from a small crash and seemed to be in a bit of pain the rest of the race. Both canteens and energy bars were used during the race. Rogério Lagos suffered from a crash that influenced his performance the rest of the race. 16:01
  3. Today, Essex lost quite early:
  Your team participated in Colchester-Saffron Walden. Tobiasz Lukaszewicz finished 4 th as your best rider. You earned 6.000 $.
  Tobiasz Lukaszewicz had an off day. Tobiasz Lukaszewicz rode the race in top form. Sveinung Lie had an off day. Bartholomew Attwood had good legs during the race. 11:40
  Vaclav "the dog" Pes
  PR manager


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This guy makes me mad

  1. A way how to lose Vuelta victory in the last stage: Your team participated in Vinaròs - Castillo de Peñíscola (ITT). Tobiasz Lukaszewicz finished 20 ...


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Super Velo at 16:20 15/4-2018
  You would think that a rider in top form would not have an off day so often. I don't blame Tobiasz Lukaszewicz I blame the game and the writer of such foolish programming. A rider in TF having an entire tour of off days is just wrong. It makes the difficult process of getting TF be a total waste of time. Sorry to hear of your bad luck.

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