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Dear diary

Written by NightmareChaos at 11:36 25/3-2020

  Hola a todos,
  We have settled in Bogota for now. We are still building up the place and travel back and forth. Not at the moment due to the 'thingy' happening.
  Flags is arranged and our assault on the ranking has begun.
  Finz has come to start a reconquista


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Dear diary

  Hola a todos, We have settled in Bogota for now. We are still building up the place and travel back and forth. Not at the moment due to the 'thingy' happening....


Dear diary,

  Almost two years... Things have changed since last time. I just signed a Colombian sponsor that could be a sign for things to come. The headquarters are on t...


Dear diary,

  About, frikkin bloody fucking, time Fuck you Nikita...


Dear diary,

  It's a butch cobbler, that's why Love, Nikita...


dear diary

  It is that time of the year again. Let´s search for a fantasy team in the fantasy league of UCI cycling


dear diary,

  We won! Nikita...


dear diary,

  Inevitable it is, the departure of loved ones but that does not make it less painful. 11 seasons we shared our ups and downs and we traveled to the highs and lo...


dear diary,

  I just want to inform you that we had some changes in the team. Georgy Shabunin, finished his training ending at an average of 51 and ready to take o...


dear diary,

  He entered me for the first time and I like it. All he has to do now is deliver. Kisses Nikita...


Doomed are thou ye voters of nay

  dear diary, It hurts me that quality is poorly judged in the eyes who fail to see the diamond in a rock of quarts. An amount of hard work made with love and...


dear diary,

  YESSSSSSSS! Fuck you bitches, there is a new cobble kid in town. Hand over the marbles, thank you and good day. Bam, Nikita...


dear diary,

  I'm so excited, I just can't hide it but you will have to wait until next season. My beloved one gave me the ultimate present. He is my world, my everything...


dear diary,

  After our first press release where we addressed our return to racing we will have a bigger and better one for you. We present to you the new jersey. It is i...


dear diary

  I told you we would be back, preparation for the coming season is on its way. We will start our race on day 1 and we welcome our new trainee on that day too....


dear diary,

  Farewells are not forever. But all things are finite. And without knowing it we started our last season on day one. Progressing through the ranks, the feeling c...


dear diary,

  maybe I should go out more, this game is at an end...


dear diary,

  Coming from Belgium with an extra jersey in my suitcase than when I left. Feeling proud in a way to be part of the winning team and becoming victorious in the Y...


dear diary,

  It has been a long season and we are at the brink of another one to come. It has been a really great season, considering the amount of points we earned. And ...


dear diary,

  There are no words and therefor there is nothing left. Nikita...


dear diary,

  Cunts! I am surrounded by cunts! The one thing they should do, they don't. What should I do here to get things done. Get rid of all the excess cunts. Niki...


dear diary, ERB

  What have we here, what do I see A new kid in town, not bigger than my knee What do you say? I hear it well? You tell me to step down? because I smell? That...


dear diary,

  Two sprint captains give me nights with no sleep. Who to pick, who to lead. Will I keep them both happy and is it not better to let one go. One will shine and...


dear diary,

  Due to unforseen events our beloved team manager is threatened in his superior role as both team and national manager. The reason for this is unknown but, s...


dear diary,

  Today we raced in China, Criterium Qiantong. Robinson Grand could improve his status with the team after a dismal performance in Normandy. But that Nairobi C...


dear diary,

  It has been a while since you and I had been together. Much has happened and we have both grown in our own way. But it is good to talk to each other once in a w...


dear diary,

  Too early the day has begun for me while I sip on my second coffee, biting in my syrup waffle, cursing myself for my lack of discipline to turn down my sugar cr...



Team Oasis at 14:19 25/3-2020
  any moorish goals

English Sprinting Team at 12:22 25/3-2020
  Mucho suerte!

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