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Antonov wins Helsinki!

Written by Navarone Cycling Team at 13:47 13/1-2021

  The most coveted race by team management has been finally conquered by Immanuil Antonov, with the help of the FR team that was armed just last season to help him conquer FR and FRSP races. While expensive hires at the moment, Schiphouwer, Felici, Ae and in particular former contender Camata has proven to be just what the team needed to achieve this objective.
  List of remaining objectives for Division 1 (stars mark priority for management)
  Feasible with current team:
  Win Astana ****
  Win Essex Stage 3 ****
  Win Antwerpen - Huy ***
  Win Salsa de Cali *
  Not feasible with current team:
  Win Norwich - London *****
  Win Roubaix **
  Win TvA YC *
  None of these missing targets will be seriously attempted in S56, instead focusing in repeating success in TvA, hope to find better luck at Vuelta SC, attempt another serious-but-not-all-in bid at Helsinki, and do well in Germany and hopefully Nederlandse.


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Antonov wins Helsinki!

  The most coveted race by team management has been finally conquered by Immanuil Antonov, with the help of the FR team that was armed just last season to help hi...


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Tashkent Browncoats at 14:42 13/1-2021
  Congratulations! Antonov’s star is definitely rising!

Holwerda Cycling at 14:38 13/1-2021
  Congrats. Indeed a very good FR team you have there.

team futerko at 13:58 13/1-2021

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