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Classic victory of the Canadian champion

Written by NJ procycling at 16:41 26/7-2015

  Elton Moncur won the division 3 classic Rotterdam Classic today, the biggest result of the team so far. It was already his third victory of the season, and his 12th result (4 victories) for the team since his arrival for around 300k from Red Star 1.5 season ago. Together with this victory he has become the Canadian number 1 for the moment, and the team reached the 1000 points for the first time. We are very proud of the performance of the whole team this season!


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Recent team developments

  Our two latest trainees give the team some new fire. Ernest Czapla has become the perfect rider for Essex, becoming 2nd in the YC and 10th in the GC this year, ...


Succesfull training academy

  1.5 years ago we started focussing on the training academy. Now that Agnar Nyheim is for sale, the last trained rider that was bought is leaving. This means th...


Focus on training academy

  To keep the game interesting, the focus has been changed from buying riders to training riders. After the succes of training Leonid Gribov, we found some new ta...


National champions

  The three captains of NJ proycling are currently the number one in their country. In the past we had the Canadian champion Elton Moncur and some champions of sm...


A beauty or a beast?

  Two weeks ago, just before the 10th anniversary of ocm, one of our scouts got lost in Russia and accidently visited a cyclocross. He was very impressed by one o...


Tour history and top division

  Two results today were enough to bring team NJ procycling for the first time in top division. This happened 1 day before the start of Nederlandse Tour. The team...


New Jersey

  Credits to myman from logoloos for the new team jersey. He seems to like designing clothes ... what do you think? At least it is a big difference with the old j...


Team presentation and planning S37

  Now that we have started a season in division 2, it is the right moment to invest some more time on PR. We start with an official team presentation for season 3...


Mid season review

  Time for a small press release. The first half of the season has resulted in 4 victories (6 results). Thanks to the (accidently triggered) TF of Cruz Olazabal. ...


Eritrean sprinter transferred to the Netherlands!

  'I am proud that I can announce the transfer of Tadesse Awerson from Eritrea Pro Cycling for an amount of 300k' said manager Jicky Nonkers to the reporter of th...


Classic victory of the Canadian champion

  Elton Moncur won the division 3 classic Rotterdam Classic today, the biggest result of the team so far. It was already his third victory of the season, and his ...


Important team change

  After a next failure in a CB race, NJ procycling is going to give up his CB team. Very soon, a post on the transfer forum will be placed selling 4 CB riders. Th...


Dealing with team failures

  This season is one of the worst seasons so far. Off-days pile up, points are lost and the prize money is marginal. We noticed 3 important things: team spirit is...


New trainee

   A new talent has signed at NJ procycling. He is a 200+ sprinter and will join the sprint section of the team. Hopefully he will max high, his training should b...


Cobble squad complete

  With the transfers of Dominique Larue and Salvador Ximenez the cobble squad is complete for the next seasons. Filimon Moti will be the captain in all cobble rac...


The manager speaks

  It has been a long time manager Jicky Nonkers has spoken to the press. There are some rumors that this is because he sleeps very bad as a result of the bad resu...


Captain Skibby

  Jonathan Skibby maxed as a 215 sprinter. Skibby's main goal this season is his home country tour Fast on Wheels in which he will be the captain with full suppor...


New talent

  NJ procycling is happy to announce the signing of a new talent. His name is Jonathan Skibby and he is bought from Nonnies for 49k. Manager Jicky Nonkers has fai...


Review Sicilia

  NJ procycling participated in his second tour: Giro di Sicilia. Captain Rogerios Merlo was confident before the tour started: "there are so many good sprinters ...


Review RotM

  Race of the Minuteman was the first tour of the team. The goal was to win one of the sprinting stages. The second stage of the tour, Rogerios Merlo finished sec...


Perfect start

  Rogerios Merlo rode his first race for the team today, and he won! What a start! It was the division 6 race Hopetoun - Rainbow. At the end of the week he will p...


Welcome Rogerios Merlo

  Today is a big day for the team. We signed Rogerios Merlo from Yuri SuperTeam. He will be the team's captain this season. We hope he can keep us at least in div...


fantastic day

  This day was a great day for the team. Particpating in two races and two victories. After the win of carlos franca, it was meint boogerd's turn to show his skil...


Victory for Franca

  Today was the first win of Carlos Franca in his new team. It was the race Rettigny - Limerlé in division 8. Thanks to this victory the stay in division 8 was o...


Start season 27

  After my first season I am looking forward to season 27. Due to the talent Meint Boogerd and the experienced captain Ad Groen, I promoted to division 7. Some hi...



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