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Division 1

Written by Millican at 13:19 12/1-2022

  It took 11 seasons, but Millican has finally reached division 1! We'll see how it goes with the big teams, but we're looking forward to trying out some new races!


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Division 1

  It took 11 seasons, but Millican has finally reached division 1! We'll see how it goes with the big teams, but we're looking forward to trying out some new rac...


S58 Recap

  A very interesting season at Millican, and really the first season in the team's new identity as a sprint squad. While we didn't quite match last season's reco...


S57 Recap

  It has been another successful season at Millican, with another record for points in a season (1600), and with 5 different riders scoring a result. It's been a...


Winn wins U23 title

  Season 56 was a great success at Millican, with Darius Winn providing the exclamation point! Overall, several milestones were made, with an all time high in po...


1st win in Division 2

  Millican recorded it’s first win in Division 2, thanks to *checks notes*... Timoteo Posados? The leadout with 41.5av? Surely this must be a mistake... We...


Thurston wins odd jersey

  On the completion of Linares - Jaen last night, AusCycling officials presented Nate Thurston with an unusual star-studded jersey. Thurston was quoted saying "I...


Aussie wins Bad Aussee

  Nate Thurston made his mark this season, winning 6 races overall and 4 downhill races to establish himself as perhaps the dominant downhiller on the OCM circuit...


S53 Recap

  Season 53 was another good one for the Millican Team. Once again, the team reached a new high in points scored in a season with 870 points, and we stayed in Di...


Trent Wellham retires, joins training staff

  Millican today announces that Trent Wellham has retired from racing. Our original captain, Trent began his professional cycling career at the relatively advanc...


S52 Review

  Season 52 brought Millican to new highs, reaching a team record for points in a season (689) and reaching division 3 for the first time, which exceeded our goal...


Division 3

  The team is pleased to announce that it has reached division 3 for the first time, after almost exactly 1 year of playing time. Nate Thurston has continued to ...


Two New Additions

  Millican today announces the additions of two new riders, Santo Andre Jumisse and Yannis Dehaese. Jumisse is a veteran climbing/downhilling domestique, and wil...


S51 Review

  Season 51 was a bit disappointing, as a critical string of injuries saw the team drop as far as division 7. However, the team has rebounded quite nicely from t...


S50 review - Hello Nate Thurston!

  Season 50 was by far the most successful in Millican's short history, with the team reaching new highs in points, wins, team value, etc. This was all due to th...



Millican at 20:29 16/1-2022
  And now #1 in Australia!

Silenzio at 16:49 14/1-2022

TeamTVM at 10:30 13/1-2022
  Congrats !
  Pretty sure you will not leave empty handed from Slovakia :) ... see you there ...

Millican at 10:13 13/1-2022
  Nice that we get to start with Slovakia, perfect for Winn and my FR team!

Team Chili at 06:21 13/1-2022
  Legend ary!!
  Nice work mate.

Bilsky at 20:37 12/1-2022
  Congrats, good luck in the top div!

Holwerda Cycling at 17:06 12/1-2022
  Very nice, congratulations!

Goege Team at 13:49 12/1-2022
  Congrats!! :-)
  Great job and good luck!

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