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Taiwanese takeover after Nederlandse Tour win

Written by Mark Pro Team at 13:16 10/2-2019

  Just a few hours after winning the Nederlandse Tour with Chu Shen, Mark Pro Team announces to move their HQ to Taiwan Taiwan.
  "After racing 20 full seasons on a South Korean license leading to many successes we are ready for the next big step. We've noticed recent interest by Taiwanese investors to sponsor teams that are willingly to train Taiwanese riders. We were doing this already, but apart from Yandong and Zhenghua no major talent made it to the (sub) top. With this move it will be easier to spot talents from Taiwan and work together with the other teams residing in Taiwan."
  Sponsor goals:
  - training at least three riders from Taiwan to his maximum potential each season.
  - having a Taiwanese captain within 3 seasons.
  - win a major tour or classic with a Taiwanese rider within 4 seasons.
  The team keeps its focus on having riders from Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong, however it stops their interest in training riders from China.
  Team History and won jerseys/classics


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Taiwanese takeover after Nederlandse Tour win

  Just a few hours after winning the Nederlandse Tour with Chu Shen, Mark Pro Team announces to move their HQ to Taiwan. "After racing 20 full seasons on a...


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Universal Cycling at 04:06 12/2-2019
  I have heard the Bangtan boys are writing a song to show their sadness about you moving Mark. Good luck though!

Opium Fueled at 19:24 11/2-2019
  Gratz for the HK NL tour victory;)

Team Chili at 13:07 11/2-2019
  Also Welcome Mark, we are honoured by your presence.

Team Chili at 13:06 11/2-2019
  Taiwan is situated on an underwater shelf, if not for the US to Taiwanese relationship China would have access to the deep water beyond Taiwan. This would allow their extensive submarine fleet to reach the West Coast of the USA undetected.
  That kind of Tactical Protection.

Alpine at 12:28 11/2-2019

USA Postal Services at 12:26 11/2-2019
  Alpine, it is sad. We all do not have the same way of thinking

USA Postal Services at 12:25 11/2-2019
  Militars? LOL chili a good joke

Alpine at 09:36 11/2-2019
  Welcome to Taiwan Mark. I certainly share Chili's disappointment Lance.

Team Chili at 09:12 11/2-2019
  Lance :[
  A bit disappointed in your dismissal of Taiwan as our Nation's have a special relationship along with the essential defensive Military protection we offer.

USA Postal Services at 16:41 10/2-2019
  Why Taiwan? There also many countries, better ones :)

Mark Pro Team at 13:37 10/2-2019
  Ok will make it at least three a season.

Hog Bay CT at 13:36 10/2-2019
  You can be a little bit more ambitious though... ;)
  I switched to Mongolia less than five seasons ago and I've trained over twenty Mongolians so far.

Mark Pro Team at 13:30 10/2-2019

Hog Bay CT at 13:28 10/2-2019
  Good luck! :)

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