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Finally a Classic

Written by Manisaspor at 17:41 1/8-2018

  Fikret Erdogan won the hilly VCK Classic organized by Vejle Cykel Klub of Vejle adding the golden trophy to his and his club’s palmares. This is Manisaspor’s first trophy in 17 seasons and second trophy in 29 seasons giving a good idea about
  The team has given up its hopes to pursue a tour and chose to strengthen its hill team squad selling great TTer Jeslone Nfiele and getting Pierce Taggart same type of rider with a big career but older age and young rider who has not met expectations so far, the Dutch hiller Elbert Van Der Heijden. Van Der Heijden has some sprint so is expected to captain the team in hilly races with some sprint. Finally the team got stronger with a transfer saga not necessarily targeting a tour this time. Taggart will try his own nice, hilly-tours but not with big expectations.
  The result has been good so far and the efforts were awarded with a new trophy. Looking for another good addition in the future patiently following the market trying to forget about the unjust decision about Peard and Hlojane deals.
  I am looking for a hiller climber whose HL+CL should be at least 170. PM me if you have any offers.


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Manisaspor at 16:52 4/8-2018
  Thanks Cancellor. I am just trying to follow your footsteps.

Optimus Prime at 22:39 3/8-2018
  Congrats you have a nice hill team.
  Well deserved winner. Axel needed super legs to become 2nd

Universal Cycling at 04:50 2/8-2018

Team Oasis at 22:13 1/8-2018
  also congratz on my behalf, a long way it was

Manisaspor at 22:12 1/8-2018
  Thanks honzas.

PEKAC B at 20:27 1/8-2018
  Congratz mate!

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