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Best Tour Rider in Volta

Written by Manisaspor at 12:18 19/6-2017

  Husnu Dilmen who won Monte Rosa and Norway Tour last season and ended second in Perm, missing a historic triple won the Best Tour Rider Award with the votes of the OCM community. This unprecedented success and recognition brought Manisaspor its first participation in Volta ao Porto.
  Husnu won  The Elias Márquez Trophy for Best Tour Rider with a wide margin against some legends of the same such as Faruco Alonso one of the greatest tour riders I have ever seen or Patryk Drozdowski the vater of Germany Tour.
  Husnu’s success seems to be appreciated by the jury and community so highly that he was nominated as a candidate for The Äme Anderberg Trophy for Best Rider of the Season. He narrowly missed out against Lúcio César, a former opponent now arguably the best climber in the OCM with the sprinting machine Flórián Ákos.
  I have also been selected as the Best Manager Outside Top Division, maybe just because I was luckier and had top form with Husnu in Norway.
  Husnu is also having a strong Vuelta so far despite bad preparation and low DP, since he is 4th before the crucial time trial, therefore top 9 was our target which is within reach but this result hints that we can target a podium with top form.
  Of course earning money and training new riders looks crucial now. A new Turkish hiller is purchased (85 K spend against the invader Andeby) and we have too many trainees which need to be trained quickly now. Of course repeating last season's historic feat will be very difficult with such a tight budget but we will participate in Norway if our ranking after Volta allows us for defending as many points as possible. Perm is unclear for now.


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AnnoDomini at 13:47 19/6-2017
  Well deserved win. Good luck in next tours!

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