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Lokomotíva has won Monte Rosa Tour!

Written by Lokomotíva Zvolen at 21:47 12/3-2019

  The bar has been raised once again. Slovakia Drahomír Slovák put on the pink jersey after the last stage of mountainous Monte Rosa Tour. Festivity could begin. We heard manager Pierre Mrazique singing in the bus, so we knew he is incapable of doing an interview with, and we talked with the most important part of the team, the captain himself.
  Q: So what is it like to have this pink jersey on?
  DS: Man, I can't believe it. I was still a youngster when I came to Switzerland for this tour for the very first time. Slovakia Ondrej Moravčík was the captain back then, and we saw this jersey as something that is unbelievably far away, unreachable. And now, I have it! It's crazy!
  Q: Ondrej was actually here as a member of team NightmareChaos. Have you talked to him?
  DS: Of course, I went to his bus before the tour, and we talked about good times we spent together.
  Q: I heard that you got some funny comments about your new jersey, too?
  DS: Yeah, some colleagues said they will buy me a handbag and high heels to go with that, so I can go to Blue Oyster Bar now, hahaha!
  Q: But it wasn't so funny on the mountains, right?
  DS: Man, the king's stage went perfect, but I still can't process what happened on stage 4. Why the performance wasn't repeated? And why guys from TeamRunningCenter didn't ride like that just one day before that? Belgium Wayne Van de Plas would have won it all if they had performed their best. But they didn't and I won by 16 seconds... And also a tactical mistake by DenmarkAxel Lundberg's manager Mal, who gave wrong orders to his team mates. So maybe some luck was part of it all, but still, I was in top form, so that all combined, and I can wear this valuable jersey, and that's important.
  Q: And what about the next plans?
  DS: I've just won Monte Rosa, man! I'm gonna celebrate, what else? Haha! Ask Mr. Mrazique about that.
  Q: I was afraid you would say that.
  DS: Haha!
  Q: Thanks for the interview.
  DS: No problem, man!


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Lokomotíva has won Monte Rosa Tour!

  The bar has been raised once again. Drahomír Slovák put on the pink jersey after the last stage of mountainous Monte Rosa Tour. Festivity could begin. We hea...


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Lokomotíva Zvolen at 14:57 18/3-2019
  Thank you!

TD rockets at 14:11 18/3-2019
  Quality win!!

Lokomotíva Zvolen at 16:17 14/3-2019
  Thanks, Mal! Axel's time will come soon, too, he is younger than Drahomir. I expect great results in next seasons from him.

Tashkent Browncoats at 12:12 14/3-2019
  Congrats man!

Lokomotíva Zvolen at 15:52 13/3-2019
  Thanks, vdaka!

PEKAC B at 14:57 13/3-2019

Holwerda Cycling at 09:46 13/3-2019
  Congratulations, big win!

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