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Hungaroring, here we come!

Written by KK Perutnina Ptuj at 20:05 8/1-2014

  Spring temperature in Slovenia allows KKPP perfect training conditions. Team didn't even have to go in Istria, Croatia, as they usually go in this part of the year.
  However, fogg and dirty roads already caused some problems...
  ...torn ligament in knee, dislocation of the patella, 3 months recovery!
  The doctor continued with medical report... A second later, there was a sense of a huge relief. It was a manager, who got injured, not any competitor. Other 22 cyclists, with some more kilometers in their legs, managed to avoid the fall. The clumsy one, manager Dante, finished in hospital.
  Now Dante has plenty of time, nothing to do and that's why it is time for analysis of first part of the season 27.
  KKPP finished 5-times in top 9, 6th place was the best result. Team is satisfied with that because the focus is still on training.
  I'm glad to report that Sandor's training went well and he is becoming a cyclist that we have wanted. 2 more training sessions on hills and he is going to be ready for competition! Leaving close to Slovenian border, he is becoming quite a popular character here in Ptuj. Also, there is an interesting bet between him and manager : if he collects 300 points until this season, he will be permited to leave the club for a reasonable price; if not, he will pay whole team tickets for F1 race on Hungaroring!
  Uroš Radisavljevi? was patiently waiting for his training sessions and it looks like his time has come! '???? ?? ??????' has no problems with communication with Slovenians. However, manager still have some problem while reading Cyrillic letters from him, his familly and supporters. He is expected to become a decent climber with ability to outsprint a small group of cyclists.
  I'm also proud to present two new Slovenians in the team. As Slovenian manager, I am responsible to have some Slovene potential in the team. Jerc Štrukelj signed a contract today and I'm still thinking what to do with him. So far, he is next on the list for training(after Radisavljevi?). Possibility of a sale is not excluded at the moment. And because I really don't like dumplings (that's what his surname is), I will probably get rid of him.
  Jerc Štrukelj potential:
  CL: Good
  DH: Small
  HL: Average
  SP: Average
  FR: Very good
  CB: Small
  TT: Small
  TQ: None


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Hungaroring, here we come!

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KK Perutnina Ptuj at 18:12 19/2-2014
  Thanks, but I'm also looking for someone a little bit better.

AnnoDomini at 22:20 18/2-2014
  Probably not. In div 2 now so would need a better rider. Can sell him cheaply if you want to train him

KK Perutnina Ptuj at 20:30 18/2-2014
  I already scouted them, thanks anyway :)
  Will you train Tian Kosi?

AnnoDomini at 00:55 18/2-2014
  Eventually signed in Tian Kosi who has
  CL: Very good
  DH: None
  HL: None
  SP: Small
  FR: Small
  CB: Small
  TT: Small
  TQ: Small
  but I guess all of them are just a littlebit under the threshold...

AnnoDomini at 00:54 18/2-2014
  Hi, hope Your legs are better now... Was looking for a slovenian talent to train myself and scouted 2 guys available on transfer list. If You are interested in any here is their potentials.
  Rozle Gorenc has CL: Average
  DH: Good
  HL: None
  SP: Small
  FR: None
  CB: None
  TT: None
  TQ: Small
  and Jan Kokalj has
  CL: Small
  DH: Good
  HL: Average
  SP: Average
  FR: None
  CB: None
  TT: Average
  TQ: S

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