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Slowly but Surely

Written by KK Perutnina Ptuj at 22:40 5/11-2015

  KK Perutnina Ptuj is racing their 27th consecutive season as a profesional cycling team. After a quick, almost unreasonable progress, team managed to achieve 14th place during season 15, with win in Aalborg TT and 4th place in at WC ITT as a highlight. Next few years team struggled to repeat success, bad management and lack of money almost end an era of the team.
  Team is getting bigger and stonger again and with the new team policy future could be brighter. Management find some financial resources, club is well organised and despite a lack of results, team look very fresh and healthy.
  Otto Rumreich and Bogdan Rohaek came as a trainres, Cesar Zelda and Heath Emery came as a men to score some points and earn some money. They will leave after the end of the season beacuse our self-trained riders are getting strong enough. Arrival of the new captain is not excluded for the next season, but it is not a secret, that team want to race only with self-trained riders in the future.
  Ivica Logar is the first rider of new era and he is doing just what we expected from him. He may not be strong, young or powerful enough to become a superstar, but he is capable of finishing in top 9 with his tactical knowledge and experience. He is the true local hero of the team.
  Lionel Shaddix was next in the queing line for training. Despite his effort, he didn't manage to establish as a climber, therefore he'll help as long as team need him.
  Jerico Terrazos came in the club as a great sprinter prospect. Expectations were to high again. He may get a change to race for himself but most of the time he will be in the lead-out train.
  Then came Peter Spiering. Dutch rider with average potential. He got a change and finally we got a decent rider, who should be capable of performing well in the lower divisions as a sprinter or in time trial. Prologue races should be his specialty.
  After legends Wit Pelgrims, Erik Van Engelen and Karl Prchal, he is the fourth rider that maxes at average 50 or more. We will be more than satisfied if he scores only a half of points that scored the mentioned legends of the club.
  The next project is Hal Rosa. Similar to Spiering, he is no star judgind by the potential. But with a good training and some luck in the races, he may become a decent rider.
  The final object is to raise a self-trained team that should be capable of racing at least in division 3. It is going to be a long process but we do not want to rush. In order to get the money, team should have at least 20 riders all the time. One self-trained rider per season is more than enough and maybe, after next 27 seasons in the game, the goal will be achieved.


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Slowly but Surely

  KK Perutnina Ptuj is racing their 27th consecutive season as a profesional cycling team. After a quick, almost unreasonable progress, team managed to achieve 14...



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AnnoDomini at 22:19 6/11-2015
  Srecno. I took the same approach (only self trained riders) and made it to Div2 after 12 seasons, so this is possible :-)

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