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In the spotlight 01

Written by Jubalon ProCycling at 11:50 5/3-2016

  «In the spotlight» is a feature that will pop up from time to time. It's meant to get the fans to know the riders a little better. Of course as cyclists, but maybe even more important - the guy beneath the helmet.
  First one out in Jubalon ProCycling's brand new media feature is the one and only rider that has been there from the very beginning, and currently the only Norwegian rider here at JPC:
  * drum roll *
  We give you, an exclusive interview with TORLEIF «the Viking» HETLAND!
  So, Torleif, how is life?
  Well, thanks for asking. I've just celebrated my 30th birthday! And I'm not sure if I'm rid of the hangover yet...! (The manager won't read this, eh?)
  No promises given! Anyhow, you are the rider with the most races for Jubalon (126!!), and still counting! What is your best memories from your career?
  Oh, that's a tough one. I've got to see a lot of places, meet a lot of people... (Zzz...) The 4th place in Zell am Zee back in season 30 was a great result for me, though. Even it's a div. 8 race, it meant a lot to me to get a result in a classic! On the more personal side, it was really an honour to get to ride along with the legendary Richard Erty for a couple of season. Obviously a great, great rider, but also a very nice person. Some of the stories he told me was hilarious!
  I see! I'd like to hear some of those stories, but that'll have to be next time. How satisfied are you with the previous season?
  Personally, I haven't raced as much as I'd like to. But, you know, the team is getting stronger and stronger, so it's a struggle to get picked by the manager... No hard feelings though. I do respect the manager, and as long as the team is doing well no one can blame Eivind.
  For the team, the results speaks for itself. For the first time it seems like we have managed to establish ourself in Zyte Division. Gabriel Rwigema has been outstanding this season, and I really hope his success will continue. Véber Bence has also started picking his first points, hopefully he will take advantage of his good technique in demanding climbing races for the coming years.
  You are not surprising anyone with these answers, but okay; what will be the goals for JPC for the upcoming season?
  It will be to remain established in Zyte Division. No one will cry themself to sleep if we drop down to 3rd division for a while, though. To be among the top 10 teams in Norway would also be nice, but the level is very high!
  Seems fair, Torleif. Now, tell us a secret!
  Well... I am going to be a father! I will soon decide my cycling future. Maybe it's time to realize there's more than bikes and roads out there...
  Wow! Congratulations, sounds exciting! Now, let's finish up with five quickies:
  Soccer vs skiing? - as a Norwegian, I think I have to pick skiing... Let's go, Northug!
  Wine vs beer? - LIQOR!
  Beach vs mountains? - for holidays, beaches for sure! Mountains is where I earn my money.
  Brunettes vs blondes? - my wife is a ginger....
  Meat vs fish? - nothing beats a perfectly grilled steak! Though, I must advice foreign readers to taste the Norwegian fish speciality called «rakfisk»! (Seriously, google it, and make up your own opinion wether Torleif is joking or not)
  Thanks for your time, Torleif, and all the best for the new season!


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Jubalon ProCycling at 10:19 7/3-2016
  Hehe, thanks mate!

Schiavi di Don at 15:20 5/3-2016
  I smell a breach of One on One copyright ;)
  Nice interview though, I've even subscribed to keep up with them :)

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