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Gale 40 - end of a journey

Written by Jonas Pro Cycling at 14:03 26/8-2018

  In a few days in Roubaix at the age of 40, Gale Reason will give it one last try taking home that one aloof classic, that always seemed to escape his efforts. Roubaix is the last piece in the puzzle for Gale to make it to the selected Cobble Trouble club.
  Shortly after he will continue his last cobbling campaign in Antwerpen, where he will try to be the first to win the fifth jersey. Last season Gale rode his 13'est edition of TVA, where an unfortunate injury in the last stage took him out, whilest being 5th in GC.
  Miron Tredyakovsky, the new firstcobbler in the team and probably amongst the best cobblers in the game right now considering age, has agreed to wait a season with his Tweedaagse debut. "All of Gales wins in TVA was well after he turned 30, so whats the rush?" Miron theoretically asks, with a sincere smile on his face, followed by a mild friendly laugh. "Everybody in the team wants Gale to have his last shots at victory, and end his career as good as possible" he continues looking suddenly deadserious, as to underline the importancy in his message.
  Miron Tredyakovsky, who has a record of two wins and two podiums in his first four races as captain for the team, will even help Gale in Roubaix as a superdomestique, thereby also forfeiting his own ambitions here for a season.
  If everything goes well, Gale will have his last competative race on day 20 in San Gimignano, Strade dell´Eroica. A race he won twice and ended on the podium in three other occasions. After that Gale will be fully dedicated to paying back the help to Miron, until retirering.
  Some say that Gale is already amongst the three most legendary cobblers in OCM. If he can win either Roubaix or TVA as the first one having five jerseys, he might take the last step up as the biggest ever. Time will show. No matter what, Gales career has been unique and touching to follow.
  He is a victor, but most of all... he is Gale Reason.


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MOVISTAR KELME TEAM at 19:38 29/8-2018
  A realy good stand up guy Jonas ;p He takes already his chances, perfect! Go Gale in his last TvA :)

Jonas Pro Cycling at 18:41 29/8-2018
  Miron is just a stand up guy. He will get his chances! ;)

Cloud Atlas at 02:10 28/8-2018
  The end of the Age of Reason

AnnoDomini at 22:47 26/8-2018
  It was a real pleasure to see him through all those years and to compete against him. Big rider!

Team Chili at 16:19 26/8-2018
  I'm not sure what I am sader for: Gale retiring or Miron's lost chances.
  Farewell great Gale!

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