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We did it again

Written by Il Grillo at 22:51 22/5-2020

  31 seasons ago in season 22 Diederik Calweart won Ainet Bruggen for us. Today Adrian Durakovic repeats history!


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We did it again

  31 seasons ago in season 22 Diederik Calweart won Ainet Bruggen for us. Today Adrian Durakovic repeats history!...


100 Victories

  This has been an aim for a while and now we've achieved it: 100 victories! Next aim: 400 results. And then win prizes with 9-10 rider the climbing/allround t...


This wasn't it

  You might have noticed but I didn't entirely quit. I hugely scaled down my play time. I decided I wanted to dominate U23 for a while. So I wasted my money train...


This is it.

  I've decided to quit. I found that I prefer to spend my time, that is increasingly precious chasing other (RL) goals like my son and my ambition to make a diffe...


100 % YA team

  Well we did it. With egbert van asseldonk retiring the last rider that was not from our talent feature has left. The whole team is now YA riders, all are of cou...


First Dutch team in ranking

  Wow, I dont think ever in the long history of Il Grillo we've ever been first Dutch team in the ranking. And to do that with a fully Dutch team is super. Let'...


Milestone in OCM history

   Joachim Saaberg has increased a point in hills. He has now got 99 in hills. 17:31 He is the first rider ever to reach 99 in HL in the history of OCM. Manage...



  We are so thrilled... Today we got our points total above 3000 with the fully Dutch team. The makeover is really working out better than we ever imagined. We al...


Il Grillo rides World Tour

  Tuesday is an important day for Il Grillo, as 3 of its riders make up the 6 man strong national team for the Clash of Nations in Sydney. With Saaberg, who is in...


New aims

  With the transfer of Ejnar Rosenborg on day 33 Il Grillo will become an entirely Dutch team. It has been taking a while to get used to the new ambition level, w...


Egbert does it, Bergen won, Palmares complete!

  He was the favorite, and he delivered! Egbert van Asseldonck has won Bergen Rundtour thus completing the series of classics we have been wanting to win. Il gril...


Best Hiller (ever)?

  Il Grillo, with Amund Nygaart, Egbert van Asseldonk and Osvald Beyer has a long standing tradition in hilly races. But recent training has uncovered a new talen...


Ejnar Rosenborg and the stuff of legends

  He did it! AGAIN! Ejnar Rosenborg, now aged 30, just won classic Zurich Bern Zurich thus completing his second double victory in the Mountain classics. The winn...


200 results

  With Geert Franken in topform Il Grillo scored its 200th result with a third place in Asane GP. This same Geert Franken is also the new star, his skill are simi...


What is Il Grillo?

  We have been around for a while, and always rode under the same principles. First of all we have no sprinters, Il Grillo, like its name giver, is a team with Cl...


World champions!

  After missing out on the captainship in le criterium du Provance due to lack of form Toli Quesado took revenge with his legs. This is the first worlds Il Grillo...


Rosenborg Crowned

  Ejnar Rosenborg was named best climer of season 27. This is the first time an Il Grillo rider got this crown. Despite legendary riders such as Frank van Galen a...


I Grilli piu bono

  Nooit had Il Grillo zoveel punten in de ranking, de negende plaats in de ranking is ook prachtig. Dit alles komt door een niet aflatende stroom aan resultaten d...


Statistics: most points on Il Grillo

  These heroes earned most points while on our great team: Van Galen 5843 Beyer 4065 Jourdan 4020 Kallinikov 2815 Friis 2700 Taffe 2240 Calweart 19...



  He rulz... not even fully trained and a second place already, before that a top 9 as a non-captain. And his skills go to*9... Love the guy!!!!...



  He did it!... He actually just did it... he did what no Grillo ever did before. He won a first division Classic! Aged just 25 he won Criterium la Provance. He w...



  Nomally Il Grillo team manager is hesitant to put big expectations on young riders. But yesterday in a slip of the tongue he said he thought young rider Ejnar R...


Here's Toli Quesado!

  Yesterday Toli Quesado won his second top-division race, this time while not even being in top-shape. Il grillo management is really happy with the results this...


Classic Win

  Weeks ago Diederik Calweart won Ainet-Bruggen. The first win in a Classic in the long history of Il Grillo shouldn't go unnoticed......



  Shouted Truman Vancil after finishing second in Kriterium landeck. He said to have been disappointed by the general lack of trust in him and that he was very ha...


Osvald Beyer has left us.

  A few days back we said goodbye to one of the best hillers ever to ride in OCM. Below is his biography, please support this in OCM HD. Osvald Beyer is a ride...



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Thor the Trophy Hunter
  Last season he finished third in Bergen Rundtur, this time around Thor Br√łkker did one better, only defeated by Egbert van Asseldonk (who will most definitely ...


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