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S54 review NL

Written by Holwerda Cycling at 00:33 20/11-2020


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S54 review NL


Season 54 review

  What a season it has been for Holwerda Cycling. We had one objective: to win Nederlandse Tour. And yes, we have done it! We had three earlier attempts at winnin...


Finally ours

  Holwerda Cycling has finally won Nederlandse Tour, our home tour. After several attempts, finishing on the podium, we now got the white jersey with the Dutch li...


Season 53 review

  Holwerda Cycling had one real target last season: Nederlandse Tour. the main point was to lose some spots in the ranking to be able to signup for the tour. This...


Season 52 review

  Holwerda Cycling has reached some milestones in season 52: We have scored the most points in our history We had the highest ranked Dutch rider in our team wi...


Highest ranked Dutch rider

  For the first time in history Holwerda Cycling provides the best ranked Dutch rider. Skyler Popken is very proud to have the Dutch flag on his shoulder. Let us ...


Highest ranked Dutch team

  For the first time in history Holwerda Cycling is the best ranked Dutch team. Also we have entered the top 10 and hope to stay there for a while. Would this a...


Season 51 review

  A very good season for Holwerda Cycling. A few things stand out: 1. Ranked 13th is the best we have ever done 2. Scoring 3070 points is the best we have ever...


NL jersey

  I reckoned the celebration of a jersey of our home tour is worth the press release. Yeah!...


Season 50 review

  Holwerda Cycling has had a good season with 3 wins and 7 other results. It is our second best season so far and we are pleased to see our team ranked 25 at the ...


Season 49 review

  Holwerda Cycling finished in Top Division for the fourth time, but it was a season with not much colour. No jerseys, no trophies, just one win (season 22 was th...


Season 48 review

  Season 48 for Holwerda Cycling has been the best season so far. Not only pointwise where we went over the 3000 points, but also in the rankings. We reached the ...


Season 47 review

  Holwerda Cycling. A little fall down the ranks marked the previous season. Not because of bad management, but being away for half the season and not racing in ...


Season 46 review

  Again Holwerda Cycling has set a ranking record. We have never been 38th of the world before at the end of the season. The highlights of the season were the t...


Celebrating first victory in Top Division

  Although we have raced over a hundred races in Top Division we have never known the sweet taste of victory among the best of the best. But today this has change...


Season 45 review

  I know, I know, Holwerda Cycling had the best season ever, But only 170 points in the last 30 days was not encouraging. But nonetheless, we had a great season...


Season 44 review

  A little bit less than last season with no wins by one of the captains, just two break away wins. Luckily we were able to stay in Zyte Division and we expect se...


Season 43 review

  Again a very good season for Holwerda Cycling! We scored more points then ever and earned over 200k (close to S41 record). We managed to get three wins includin...


Nothing to worry about

  A lot of questions arised with unknowing reporters with no sense of history. This Press Release should make things very clear. Yes. We bought a rider. No. It ...


Season 42 review

  Fun fact: we scored exactly the same points as in season 41. Taking into account that we had two victories in season 41, I believe we had a better season 42. ...


Fully YA trained team

  The retirement of Colin Willems today marks an important moment in the history of Holwerda Cycling. All the trained riders in the team are now from our own Yout...


Season 41 review

  I thought I would have a hard time after selling Henk Daverveld. He was our captain for many seasons. He gathered 1900 points for our team and brought in 317.00...


Division 2

  It was five seasons ago that Holwerda Cycling was last seen in Division 2. But after the surprising BA victory by Marinus Zoetebier yesterday (Trofeo Perla del ...


Jersey and an award

  I am very proud of my rider Jesse de Laat who received the award for best U23 rider yesterday evening during the OCM Awards. Jesse already got the jersey for wi...


Season 40 review / ground rules

  Review of last season The season ended with a very pleasant win in the WC U23 race where Jesse de Laat was able to hold of a bunch of 22-yr olds. But th...


Know the feeling?

  That you know your rider is maxed, but that you don't get him back from training camp yet because... well, who knows?...



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First Season
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