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Season 42 review

Written by Holwerda Cycling at 20:37 6/12-2017

  Funny fact: we scored exactly the same points as in season 41.
  Taking into account that we had two victories in season 41, I believe we had a better season 42. The thing I regret though is that I didn't succeed in getting a win in Top Division. The three victories we celebrated were in division 1.1 an division 2 and three different riders made it all happen. Bauke Achterberg won St. Petersburg Grand Prix, Wessel Clarijs won Highways and Dries Blom won Sun City Wild Ride.
  We scored 1580 points and made 177500 $ by these riders:
  Wessel Clarijs 610 points
  Dries Blom 450 points
  Bauke Achterberg 360 points
  Jurriaan Den Hartog 100 points
  Jesse De Laat 60 points


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Season 42 review

  Funny fact: we scored exactly the same points as in season 41. Taking into account that we had two victories in season 41, I believe we had a better season 42...


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Schiavi di Don at 20:22 7/12-2017
  I'd say he has a shot in tours like Kangaroo, Cymru, Essex. Maybe even Perm with Cl support.

Holwerda Cycling at 19:20 7/12-2017
  Let's hope so. Honestly I don't know what great things he can do as FR specialist, but we'll make the best of it.

Schiavi di Don at 17:12 7/12-2017
  And Jesse's Golden Years are almost there. :)

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