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Season 52

Written by Goege Team at 06:32 12/5-2020

  No doubt, the highlight of the season was to win the first trophy - VCK Classic - for Goege Team!
  Beside that six riders scored points which shows that Goege has some variety who to choose as CP.
  Unfortunately Hagen Franz got injured in TF and the goal - a GC win in RotM - couldn‘t be achieved.
  No Namibian could have been trained, the talents weren‘t good enough and only 2 riders were generated this season. The last Namibian rider appeared on the hire list almost 50 days ago.
  The transfer of Ole Uttenberger was a highlight too, the 500k Goege Team got were mostly reinvested in staff and equipment.
  The NT of Namibia had its most successful season ever, but a win is still missing. However, Namibia is competitive in CL, DH and HL races and the longterm goal - to compete in the CoN - is in reach in a few seasons.
  Goege Team doesn‘t really have goals for season 53. Hopefully there will be Namibian riders to train, beside that riding with 3 teams is planned, regardless of the success. Of course Goege is hoping for some results, but it‘ll be a transition season and results aren‘t the most important.


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Goege Team at 19:31 15/5-2020
  Thank you guys! You‘re right Simon, I‘m almost where I want to be with my team. Now I „only“ need to improve skillwise.

AnnoDomini at 15:27 15/5-2020
  Fingers crossed for a Namibian talent and some results!

AnnoDomini at 15:26 15/5-2020
  SO you made it! Few seasons ago you had 11 riders with Hagen Franz and a couple of mediocre Swiss team mates. You wanted to change to a Namibian team and enlarge the squad and this is what you have now - good job!

Holwerda Cycling at 11:49 12/5-2020
  Keep up the good work!

ArxhangiiliPoznyakax at 10:10 12/5-2020
  I claim you are a genius

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