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Training frustration continues

Written by Equipo Easy On at 16:02 9/1-2019

  There was this guy on the HL, a Scotsman, so he did not fit my team, really, but hey, I scouted him on impulse as he had this funny name, Ants Hilley, and Scotland, come on, is a nice country to come from. He turned out to be potential sprinting beast, with a minimum of 220 points, 235 .
  Should I train him? I was wondering, since not a single beast talents has ever reached his full potential in the last 22 seasons.
  I trained him. He maxed after 89 points.
  Frankly, this time I was actually frustrated as I sold two riders to buy and train him. I still am and sold him to the HL today. I couldn't bother to go through the complicated motions of a forum sale. True signs of fading interest in OCM.
  Quite unbelievable, I had another rider maxing at 180 points. Unfortunately a pretty hapless guy. Blair Halfacre. Got trained as leadout for the NT ....
  My failure list.
  Travis Lauritsen: VG TT, VG TQ, FR AVG: 220 TT minimum! Max at 41
  Sancho Balbi: VG HL, VG SP, Max at 41
  Nacho Montana, INC SP, Small FR, AVG TQ - maxed at 40
  Rehani Bizimana VG CL, good DH, small HL and good FR - maxed at 37
  Tom Salter, INC FR guy, maxing at 39.
  Laurence Karcher, Very Good HL & SP, AVG FR & TQ, maxing at 42
  Paulo Gualtieri, INC HL guy, maxing at 40.
  Angus Robilier SP and TQ Very good, 210+ sprinter, maxing at 40
  Ants Hilley, VG SP, GOod FR and TQ, maxing at 42.


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Training frustration continues

  There was this guy on the HL, a Scotsman, so he did not fit my team, really, but hey, I scouted him on impulse as he had this funny name, Ants Hilley, and Scotl...


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Team Chili at 02:04 10/1-2019
  I love my LO1 Tom Salter, so thankyou for training.
  Once you find 1, it's all worth it.

Equipo Easy On at 20:40 9/1-2019
  I found the combination of Ants + Hill very convincing...

CC Est at 20:31 9/1-2019
  Ants used to be very popular name in Estonia. There are many Antses in the age of 50+.

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