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S46 - Reaching Div 2

Written by Ello Ello at 00:06 20/11-2018

  Consistent points scoring was the name of the game as EE recorded our longest continuous stint in Div 2 and it looks like we’re going to stay there until at least day 35.
  It was a slow start to the season with only 90 points in the first 30 days but 520 in the 15 day span of day 36-50 pulled the season on track and saw the team break our own records.
  Lincoln Hannity - 630 points / 7 results / 2 wins. His best season so far with 630 points but a top form 5th at Norway was a disappointment. On the WT circuit Hannity claims his first national team podium.
  Rudi Basa - 180 points / 2 results / 1 win. After a season where nothing went right Basa returned fighting. He only competed in 3 CLTTs over the season but 3 points finishes including 2 results showed what he can do.
  Gyenge Rubik - 160 points / 2 results. It was a step up for Rubik this season. After a slow start that saw him finish in 10th-12th 4 times he got the chance to captain Perm Tour and returned with 6th in the GC and 2nd on the King stage. A late season recharge stopped him getting more.
  Sylwester Pilarski - 128 points / 2 results. Pilarski brought home the bacon with EE’s first ever div 2 result whilst in Japan but was unlucky to only get a handful of captaincy chances. Div 2 should prove more to his liking with a few more races needing the CL+HL combo.
  Iancu Raducioiu - 120 points. A best finish of 5th shows that Iancu never found his form this year and it was a big step back after a big S45.
  S47 plans
  Try to become an established div 2 team.
  Compete in the Volta with a top 9 in the GC as the target.
  Iancu to captain in Valparaiso.
  World: 90th (previous best 110th)
  England: 3rd (equal best)
  English Rider: Hannity 6th (previous best Hannity 7th S44)
  Rider Ranks in General:
  Rider / World Rank (pb) / National Rank (pb) / Points (pb)
  Hannity / 99th (99th) / 6th (new) / 630 (new)
  Basa / 623rd (new) / 6th (new) / 180 (new)
  Rubik / 699th (new) / 8th (new) / 160
  Pilarski / 923rd (746th) / 28th (new) / 128 (160)
  Raducioiu / 961st (301st) / 28th (9th) / 120 (330)
  Team Value: 1,679,680 (last season: 1,548,253)
    Fans: 1325 (last season: 1204)


Subscribers: 20

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