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L.A(ge). Confidential

Written by Ello Ello at 00:16 10/1-2017

  Further to our last press release our resident data analyst has this to share
  Depending on what time I get up I may try and summarise the findings, otherwise here's some graphs and tables for you to look at
  Sadly with two poor performances today Ello Ello will miss RotM by a whisker. Ah well.
  Ello Ello


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Vale / Salve

  It is with sorrow that we announce that the team's first ever transfer Bertus de Keijsere has today decided to retire with immediate effect after today's Ochjor...


L.A(ge). Confidential

  Further to our last press release our resident data analyst has this to share Depending on what time I get up I may try and summarise the findings, otherwise...


Out with the old ...

  ... In with the new On day 32 Ello Ello hired our first data analyst so that the riders could be on bespoke training plans optimised for them. Sadly he has i...



Team Chili at 06:18 10/1-2017
  Love the detailed write ups. Keep it up.
  The exact exp is available in the html. View page source and you can find it. Or chilibot on chat might be helpful for you.
  My investigation of the results seems inline with yours. If you need some more data for your investigation i have some data i have been collecting on race results.
  I personally think the young rider bug has had the most impact. Royc

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