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Where is the fun

Written by Drollevangers at 12:21 25/7-2017

  I know there has to be a random factor called luck in this game. I understand everybody has offdays. The discussion was started many times already. Despite all this I ask you: Where is the fun?
  This season should be big for me, planning 4 captain topforms. Pretty good Captains as well. In the 11 topform races Marquet, Mutu and Rykhov raced as captain, there were 7 off days, 3 normal and 1 good legs (in the Essex sprintrace, who cares).
  Today I tried a different approach in Bangkok. Why not 2 captains, seeing my allround squad is freaking good. What could happen right? See the report below, guess who my captains were... This will be my last season unless some serious changes are made. Where is the fun?
  Your team participated in Bangkok Challenge. Tikhon Rykov finished 6 th as your best rider. You earned 7.000 $.
  Francesco Joinoe had super legs during the race. Jens Wolfs had an off day. Tikhon Rykov had an off day. Tikhon Rykov rode the race in top form. Harris Zuidema suffered from a mechanical issue.


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  I know there has to be a random factor called luck in this game. I understand everybody has offdays. The discussion was started many times already. Despite all ...


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Drollevangers at 16:48 26/7-2017
  No off day today for the captain!
  Charles-Emmanuel Marquet suffered from a small crash and seemed to be in a bit of pain the rest of the race. Charles-Emmanuel Marquet suffered from a mechanical issue. Later on Charles-Emmanuel Marquet found himself struggling with yet another mechanical issue.

Abs stars at 16:14 25/7-2017
  The same frustration as I had mate. I know how ypu are feeling...

Kingstowm at 15:58 25/7-2017
  Train some riders and participate in some lower div Tours. That's what i'm doing now and at least it provides some fun. I stopped racing at the highest divisions too for exact the same reasons you're describing.

mapei bianchi at 14:55 25/7-2017
  I've said this before, the % of off days for riders in TF needs to be reduced, it's unrealistic.
  You oughta know by now we are all masochists here.

Drollevangers at 14:18 25/7-2017
  Yeah, thought about it but that means doing nothing for a few months.

Kingstowm at 13:22 25/7-2017
  The route all the way down to the lowest division could be fun! ;)

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