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We are back! team presentation+ (short term) goals

Written by DCM at 14:00 28/12-2015

  DCM is back in the peleton! After making a loss of many k's we decided to start racing again. We have signed some (old) good riders we hope, we can make it to division 2 at the end of this season.
  DCM was always a hilling/sprinting team and that will be unchanged. The captains are no superstars, but have the abilities to preform on hilly-sprinting terrain.
  The captains of DCM are:
  - Åge Lindström (sprint/hill stages)
  - Djowie Molhoek (sprint/flat rode stages)
  - Heriberto Radondo (hill stages)
  - Uffe Davidsen (hill stages)
  ** We are looking for a pure sprint captain (talent) with 200+ abilities and at least very good sprint (you can always PM me).
  Team mates
  - Clifford Gramolini (32y)
  - Esmond Gnacy (30y)
  - Henrik Aronsen (33y)
  - Hubert Verhoeven (31y)
  - Jago Cornejo (34y)
  - Ryder Lancaster (35y)
  - Stian Kleven (31y)
  The team mates are old, but we can't afford better one's.
  We believe the old riders will do the job for us for a couple of years. Slowly we will train or own riders, these will replace the oldies and future trainers.
  Talents (in training):
  - Mels Beishuizen
  - Pieter Schiphouwer
  Not the biggest talents, but with a decent max they can serve our team for years.
  We started racing at day 20 and we have set some goals, goals this season:
  - sign up for Norway (very ambitious to reach div. 3 in only 7 days);
  - sign up for Hawaii;
  - at least one podium in a classic;
  - reach div. 2 before the end of the season;
  - max 3 talents.
  ***Bonus would be the Netherlands tour***
  very ambitious, but we believe ;)


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We are back! team presentation+ (short term) goals

  DCM is back in the peleton! After making a loss of many k's we decided to start racing again. We have signed some (old) good riders we hope, we can make it to d...


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DCM at 11:23 14/1-2016
  Thank you! i am glad to be back ;)

V02maXXers at 23:25 13/1-2016
  Good to have you back. Good luck with your team! See you in top div.

DCM at 10:58 29/12-2015
  @ Hommerts: Yeah the start is great! good with your comeback!
  @familytour: Aronsen will have his chance, he is very important for us :)

Hommerts Cycling Team at 10:00 29/12-2015
  Nice start with all those results! I had the same but with less riders when i signed up for those first div 11/10 races. To bad, could have gotten more 1/2/3's out of it if i signed up more.

familytour at 16:28 28/12-2015
  Good luck!But be attentif,Aronsen is not a teammate.He is the best old rider in OCM!

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