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We are back! team presentation+ (short term) goals

  DCM is back in the peleton! After making a loss of many k's we decided to start racing again. We have signed some (old) good riders we hope, we can make it to d...


DCM presents the new Captains

  A Big day for DCM! Luiico and Sven-Åke Dahlman are happy to present the new captains! 1st: The best sprinter of Sweden! Name: Sammy Ågren Nation: Swed...


WOW! Scouting luck!

  New rider on the hirelist.....21y....32AV..Scout? Nahhh it only takes money.... Nahhh let give it a try! Potential: CL: Small DH: None HL: None S...


Talent 2

  The first talent isn't maxed yet, but we got or second talent to train! We have big expectations for this one: Name: Melville tolleson Nation: Scotland ...


Talent 1

  DCM decided to start training talents! Talent 1: Dieter Gyselincx CL: Good DH: None HL: Average SP: None FR: Very good CB: Small ...


Other Team's Press Releases
Life without Caldwell
  The last really good rider perhaps squiffinators will have has been sold for a pile of cash. A big pile of cash. Caldwell Kimberlin has been moved to DCM for an...


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