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Review Season 42

Written by Cyclists at 12:29 25/11-2017

  It was quite a strange season. While the greatest goal (scoring with Alfons in Topform) didn't really work out, we did win though a fourth trophy in VCK Classic, the second time Bohdan does it, so that's of course great. The rest of the season was pretty good, but there's not much to say about it. However, we finally managed to end up in Zyte Division at the end of the season again, so that's great. Let's hope we can keep this going in the next season.
  About the NT, it all began great. Winning CoN with a big advantage over the other countries was great, but afterwards, the results started to get worse. Only in the last race (Oslo Grand Prix) we lost the first position to Italy, which had a fabulous last part of the season. A bit of a disappointment of course, but, we now have something to aim for in the next season!
   Results and Top 9's:
   Bohdan Krejza
   One Day Races:
   1.: VCK Classic; Div. 3
   1.: Trofeo Perla del Mediterráneo; Div. 3
   2.: Hooglede GP; Div. 3
   7.: Souvenir de Bamenda; Div. 3
   8.: Cáceres - Cuiabá; Div. 2
   8.: Morne Seychellois Trophy; Div. 2
   Tour Stages:
   1.: Stage 1 Giro di Montelbano; Div. 3
   6.: Giro di Montelbano GC; Div.3
   Points / Prize Money: 500 p. / $ 67.000
   Henk Houtman
   One Day Races:
   2.: Pasto - Ipiales; Div. 3
   4.: Vuelta Huesca; Div. 3
   5.: Uphill Firenze; Div. 3
   5.: Albacete - Madrid; Div. 2
   7.: Salles-sur-Verdon G3; Div. 3
   7.: Bad Aussee; Div. 3
   8.: Øyer Climbs; Div. 3
   8.: Canejan - Les; Div. 4
   Points / Prize Money: 296 p. / $ 52.000
   Alfons van Steensel
   One Day Races:
   1.: Canejan - Les; Div. 4
   2.: Athen Streets; Div. 3
   9.: Brescia Uphill; Div. 3
   Tour Stages:
   3.: Stage 2 Perm Tour; Div. 3
   9.: Stage 1 Perm Tour; Div. 3
   9.: Perm Tour GC; Div. 3
   Points / Prize Money: 308 p. / $ 41000
   Rupert Bacilieri
   One Day Races:
   6.: Piechowice - Karpacz G3; Div. 3
   Points / Prize Money: 30 p. / $ 6.000
   New Riders:
   Bertil Oxenborg (CL Team Mate, Britcycles
   Geert Schaars (CL Team Mate, Drollevangers
   Duardo Restrepo (HL Team Mate, IndieRock
   Piotr Nawrot (HL Team Mate, The Ullrichs
   Outgoing Riders:
   Ulisses Mexia (Avataria)
   Nikifor Trzcinski (Borussia Milano)
   Historical Overview:
   Season 21: 60
   Season 22: 176
   Season 23: 343
   Season 24: 283
   Season 25: 249
   Season 26: 476
   Season 27: 291
   Season 28: 268
   Season 29: 303
   Season 30: 398
   Season 31: 436
   Season 32: 608
   Season 33: 639
   Season 34: 848
   Season 35: 800
   Season 36: 1072
   Season 37: 1040
   Season 38: 583
   Season 39: 1140
   Season 40: 780
   Season 41: 864
   Season 42: 1134
   Goals and Future Plans Season 42:
  Maybe the biggest goal of all in this coming season is winning the World Tour. Now I have won the CoN and came in second in the World Tour, I cannot be content with anything else than winning the World Tour!
  Looking at our own team, the biggest goals will be at the beginning of the season. Ainet - Bruggen will be a target for Henk Houtman: we can now finally participate in this classic. Close after, Rupert Bacilieri will be given a first try in Volta ao Porto, the one tour he is made for. Very curious to see what he is able to do here. For the rest, we hope to find a new HL-captain to train, because Bohdan is slowly getting older.
   PR Manager Cyclists,
   Milo Hummel


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Holwerda Cycling at 22:57 25/11-2017
  Well done, now try to stay within top 100 for a while, you seem to have trouble staying there.

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