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Tour Design Competition - My preferences

Written by Cyclists at 18:42 26/6-2017

  Following Team WonderDee, who made a list of what he thought to be the best suggestions, I’m here presenting my views on this great competition. To stay objective, I’ve left the four tours I’ve made out. Thought I’d maybe be a little too chauvinistic ;) Oh, and of course, they’re all in random order.
  Division 2 Climbing tour
  Sakartvelo Tour – Team Oasis
  Nice balanced tour for all kind of riders, nice stage to finish with too. And no long Time Trial, something I really prefer, after having seen many tours decided by TT’s.
  Tour of the Sanreizan – Gradient Levellers
  Really like the background story of this tour with the three holy mountains. Would make a really nice addition to the OCM Calendar. Uphill TT is also a nice one.
  Tour of Kashmir – Team WonderDee
  Well, a Himalayan Tour is great anyways, I think. Just the perfect scenery for a pure climbers tour.
  Baltyk – Sudety Tour – AnnoDomini
  Poland should indeed get a tour, and in my view this could be a good one, with the Climbing TT and a downhill stage.
  Vuelta a Colombia – Team WonderDee
  Colombia is in real life known for its climbers in cycling, so would therefore be a great spot for a climbing tour. King stage a nice one for the purest climbers of OCM.
  Division 3 Cobble Tour
  Roses Tour – Team WonderDee
  Ahh, would have loved to make this one myself, I indeed even thought about this region before it popped up. Although England already has his tour, I still do like it though. Something new in the cobble world of OCM!
  Paths of Saint George – Hog Bay CT
  A combination of hills and cobbles/dirt roads, guess that’s what I like. And it’s featured in this tour, so hey, a good one for me. Also nice location with all those Bermudan teams around.
  Volta da Lagoa dos Patos – Anonymous Cycling Project
  Brasil, hills and cobbles are indeed a great combination, so I would definitely like to see this one featured as a tour. Nice build-up of the tour too.
  Tracks of Namibia – Equipo Easy On
  Interesting one, with these dirt roads. A tour in Africa would be great of course, as there isn’t one yet.
  Tour of Ireland – AnnoDomini
  Beautiful country, nice stages. Perfect for a tour, and I definitely see this one coming through. And there are some hills in it too :)
  Lower Division Wildcard Tour
  Edmonton Red Deer Tour – Team WonderDee
  Really like the idea of a hilly tour which can’t be won by a time trailer, something we really really need. The route and profile and stuff are just good too. Nice creative name too btw.
  Odyssey of the Oryx – Schiavi di Don and Hog Bay CT
  So many strange profiles, while at the same time, it’s just really a good tour with a great name. And, Africa indeed does need a tour anyways.
  Three Days to Triglav – Schiavi di Don
  Nice and short tour, with all different aspects for a classic GC-fight covered. Simple, but could be one of the best suggestions.
  Tour of Sabah and Sarawak – Equipo Easy On
  Nice variation, which could deliver a very interesting GC, with a Cobble, Downhill, Time Trial AND a Hill/Climbing stage.
  Rhine River Tour – AnnoDomini
  Yeah, a multi-country tour. Many don’t like, I do though. Again, all kind of riders could grab a stage here. Besides, I do like the set-up of following a river from delta to its source.
  Furthermore, I of course did design my own few tours. Two in the climbing category, one cobbled tour and a wildcard one.
  Vuelta a Valparaíso
  Starts off with short ITT, followed by two quite doable stages for the sprinters. Thereafter, the GC-fight starts, first with a downhill stage and in the fifth stage a showdown in the Andes Mountains. Last stage some last differences could be made in the hilly city of Valparaìso, where some cobbled roads have to be done too.
  Tour of the Greek Myths
  Of my four tours designed, I like this one most, especially for its background story. From Sparta to Athens and Delphi to Mount Olympus, all famous sites from Greek mythology are visited. A tour made for the climbers, especially with the last stage onto the slopes of the mountain of the gods.
  A cobble tour, but a strange one. I would be very curious to see what impact the mighty Großglockner with its cobbles up to the Edelweißspitze has on the GC. Some beautiful Austrian cities are visited, as well as Bratislava in the last stage of this tour.
  Warszawa do Praha
  A tour between two beautiful old cities, with two stages in Poland and two in the Czech Republic. Two stages for the sprinters (although the last one is more for those slightly stronger), and two stages where the riders who love hills can make the difference. A finish which is, in my opinion, positioned at a great position, namely the famous castle of Hradcany.


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Team WonderDee at 11:43 9/7-2017
  Made a new PR about voting round 2:

Team WonderDee at 16:56 28/6-2017
  Nice PR, and fun to see four of my suggestions made your list. :)

Canadian Nippon at 06:51 27/6-2017
  "Edmonton Red Deer Tour – Team WonderDee
  This tour really should be Tour of Alberta; which is a Pro races that started a few years back. They have gone away from the harder stages in the past two season due to the amount of chaos caused during the hill/flat stages due to the massive cross winds we get here daily in Alberta.
  They always finish in Edmonton on a very tough hill course that h

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