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Review Season 33

Written by Cyclists at 11:36 5/9-2015

  Just like last season, we didn't manage to get in to Norway Tour or Race of the Minutemen. We didn't have enough points to get to Norway Tour, and we were on holidays during the sign-up of Race of the Minutemen. However, this doesn't mean it was a season without success. With the win of Nikifor Trzcinski, we got up into Division 3, with 639 points. This means we've managed to beat our own points record again with 31 points (608 S32). Furthermore, we maxed Rolo Troncoso, unfortunately at a quite disappointing Average of 42.
  Last but not least, after some seasons almost without injuries, we now got the bad luck on our side. Almost every rider of our climbing team got injured, Alfons, Chad and Jan-Pieter even two times... Let's hope it will get better next season(s).
  Results and Top 9's:
  Alfons van Steensel
  1.: The Wild Side Race, Div. 3.1
  2.: Pietermaritzburg SA, Div. 4
  2.: Streymoy Race, Div. 4
  3.: Lithoteng Climbs, Div. 4
  4.: Ismailli Climbs, Div. 5
  6.: Critérium la Grasse, Div. 4
  8.: Volos - Larisa, Div. 4
  Prize Money / Points: $62.000 / 301p.
  Chad Talkington
  9.: Climbs of Peta, Div. 4
  Prize Money / Points: $2.000 / 4p.
  Nikifor Trzciński
  1.: Fterolakka - Amfiklia, Div. 4
  1.: Wiltz - Kiischpelt, Div. 4
  1.: Burgenland Grand Prix, Div. 4
  3.: Classic Oslo, Div. 4
  5.: Dali - Dali, Div. 4
  5.: Neskaupstadur - Neskaupstadur, Div. 4
  9.: Pietermaritzburg SA, Div. 4
  Prize Money / Points: $63.000 / 334p.
  Total Prize Money: $127.000
  New riders:
  Chan Viana Unknown potential, jobber
  Left riders:
  Heriberto Hierro Became too old to train and not useful for the team
  Historical Overview:
   Season 21: 60
   Season 22: 176 (+116, +193%)
   Season 23: 343 (+167, +95%)
   Season 24: 283 (-60, -17%)
   Season 25: 249 (-34, -12%)
   Season 26: 476 (+227, +91%)
   Season 27: 291 (-185, -39%)
   Season 28: 268 (-23, -8%)
   Season 29: 303 (+35, +13%)
   Season 30: 398 (+95, +31%)
   Season 31: 436 (+38, +10%)
   Season 32: 608 (+172, +39%)
   Season 33: 639 (+31, +5%)
  Goals for Season 34:
  We'll be joining Norway Tour with Chad or Alfons in TF, for we only need around 50 points to stay in Division 3 till the sign-up of Norway Tour. If we get enough points in the beginning of the season, we'll also join Perm Tour. In this case, Chad will be in TF for Perm, Alfons for Norway. This means that Alfons will be TT-centered as soon as possible, getting him to the 'magic red Average'.
  We'll also look for either a new talent or a new TM for our climbing team, for Bram, Chad and Kerneels are getting quite old.
  Stay tuned!
  Manager Cyclists,
  Mark van Leeuwen


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