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Vuelta Transfer Special (FODL Alert)

  Deadlines Rider release: midnight of August 19th US central time (~1 week before Vuelta) Full list of released riders will be available on the morning o...


From the Crap Part of Batumi: #1

   Solomon Birch* | 28 races | 0 tours | 2 wins | 70 points | km Solomon Birch* | Riviera Beach, FL | 28 races | 70 points | km Riviera Beach, FL...


Prologue: American Revolution

  Dear subscribers and CBT fans, My passion for cycling has not died yet, but my life is getting busy. So I am scaling back. Despite a series of kidney punche...


Other Team's Press Releases
Fokin Hell
  We are glad to announce that Tashkent Browncoats will sign their first Uzbek (Co) Captain in a few weeks: Aristarkh Fokin will be bought from Cokol Breakaway Te...


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