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Giro Transfer Special (FODL Alert)

  Hi folks, Believe me or not, but Giro is upon us soon. That means best fantasy cycling game is back in town. How does it work? Only teams with a vacant...


From the Crap Part of Batumi: #1

   Solomon Birch* | 28 races | 0 tours | 2 wins | 70 points | km Solomon Birch* | Riviera Beach, FL | 28 races | 70 points | km Riviera Beach, FL...


Prologue: American Revolution

  Dear subscribers and CBT fans, My passion for cycling has not died yet, but my life is getting busy. So I am scaling back. Despite a series of kidney punche...


Other Team's Press Releases
Fokin Hell
  We are glad to announce that Tashkent Browncoats will sign their first Uzbek (Co) Captain in a few weeks: Aristarkh Fokin will be bought from Cokol Breakaway Te...


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