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Happy 40th Arvel Wardell!

Written by Cloud Atlas at 00:39 6/11-2014

  Have been busy lately but had to quickly stop to write a belated birthday greeting to our rider Arvel Wardell on his 40th birthday!
  Arvell has been coaching our inexperienced captains for a season now and is still very active racing with them twice a week. Perhaps he will be able to become the complete guru of cycling (level 9)
  Arvell has been racing for almost 2 decades and turned pro while some of today's young riders were still in diapers. He has even outlasted many of the 9 teams he has been part of. Some of these that are still active CK Hymer,lastplace1414,Team Monster racing, Avataria


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Sala finally triumphs in Paris

  Venjamin Sala and the entire team are ecstatic after an all-in sprint in Paris that secured the general classification win of Haute-Normandie. Sala outlasted...


His name is Jonas

  Our new training project is Jonas Sarabia Name: Jonas Sarabia Team: Argentina Potential: CL: Good DH: Good HL: Average SP: Small FR: Average CB:...


Estonian? Does that mean he is a Cobbler?

  Cloud Atlas has a new talent and training is already underway for the newly arrived Kulvo Laur. His arrival has caused much interest among the mostly Latin Amer...


Pura Vida

  Baltazar Radondo now wears the Tico national jersey after 2 impressive back to back results at Tour of Luzon (First) and Cima di Blockhaus TT (Second). Team Man...


Demy Alards gives team departing gift

  Demy Alards, past world champion and voted best breakthrough rider, has won his last race with Cloud Atlas with an impressive win in the Div.1 Hong Kong Hourrec...


Team misses Germany Tour due to Injury

  Expectations were high for our Tico captain Balthazar Radondo to be in top form and give a fight among the best riders of the world in the premier Germany Tour....


Jacinto Cresaco makes top 10

  Jacinto Cresaco woke early morning in Valparaiso Chile after a night celebrating his 30th birthday. Piscola hangover and his entire team crashing with each oth...


No cloud ever stays the same

  Kirby Ussery and Oscar Wieringh, Cloud Atlas captains for the Cobbles and Sprint teams respectively, have retired from professional online cycling. They will st...


Season 38 best one yet

  2130 points - ranked 23 Demi Alards: 1000 points -ranked 24 in world Toli Pinto: 800 points Kirby Ussery: Still making 250 points at 35 (in Div 1!) Joachi...


Demi Alards wins World Championships ITT

  Norway was again host to the World Championships ITT. Past winners Vivian Lasalle and Foncho Reto were among the favorites but the honor of the day came to the ...


Romao Rocha announces Retirement

  The 35 year old Portuguese rider has made the announcement via Twitter the morning after helping his old rival Kirby Ussery finish 6th in this year's edition. R...


S35 Review and looking ahead

  This season has been our most successful in our history, reaching 2000 points. It included a 4th consecutive podium for Kirby Ussery in the Haute Normandie tour...


Inside Top 25


First win in Top Division

  Another milestone today as Toli Pinto achieved the first victory in Top Division for Cloud Atlas. Toli had a strong ride in top form in København ITT. This is ...


Best Colombian Team of all Time

  Just noticed we just passed Locos and Forza17 on all time points scored by a Colombian team! Next goal is Best South American team (although long way from ...


Advancing steadily to become a time-trial team

  Cloud Atlas has been known around the league as a Cobble team since its inception with its first trainee Oscar Arnal and then following up with the acquisition ...


Kirby Ussery wins Minsk Trophy

  Cloud Atlas wins its first Trophy today with the impressive win by Kirby Ussery of the Minsk CBGP, the prestigious Zyte division classic. This race has been ...


Another one bites the dust

  Today's hard crash left Kirby Ussery as one of the last ones to arrive in Torino GP. This makes it the 4th off day/bike problem/crash in a row making a doldrums...


Kirby Ussery now Very Good in Flats

  1 point in will not make a big difference in results but it still looks very impressive as Kirby gained 1 point in Flats and is now a dark green 80 that complim...


Kirby Ussery dedicated to wind tunnel

  Kirby Ussery has been missing from racing a good part of the season now. First he spent some time in his native Barbados after winning the tour of Haute Normand...


Hello First Division!

  Cloud Atlas finally arrived at First Division! This was not really a goal at the moment for the team but it would have been nice to do it a few days earlier to ...


Kirby Ussery triumphant in Paris

  We are proud to announce the Winner of the 6th edition of Haute Normandie, Kirby Ussery. It has been non-stop celebration at Cloud Atlas headquarters after a...


New Blood for Los Escarabajos

  The Colombian National Team, or the Escarabajos as they are known, are going through generational changes with exciting new riders entering the scene. The chang...


Dont register for races without the morning coffee

  Finally a cobble race and I sign up my Sprinting captain instead of Kirby Ussery .. gaah...


Colombia starts season with a win

   Milo is back at the helm of team Colombia and enjoying the talent of Cobble star Estebe Mauri who makes it all easy. This is Estebe's second time winning Loz...


Season 30 in Review

  This season started with big changes as our entire Cobble team was sold in exchange for the ultra talented Kirby Ussery. It was a big investment but the ride ha...



AnnoDomini at 08:42 6/11-2014
  Wow. First time i see a rider with experience level 8. Put him on some breakaways, would be nice to see him win in a breakaway...

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