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Extremely Busy Week

Written by Canadian Nippon at 15:11 30/5-2020

  Canadian Nippon has an extremely busy week ahead of the team as they have split the roster for the first time in the team history as they will compete in both sprint races and Time trail races.
  The busy week was also brought on due to the team dropping from division 5 down to division 6 on day 17 of the season opening up new opportunities for the team and the riders to compete.
  "We actually were looking a head this time and knew we could target some of the races once it came obvious that we would drop to division 6 unless we won a race before day 17." commented Canadian Nippon Manager Robert Bouchard. "What we didn't expect is the lack of team actually take part in some of the events at this moment. This should give us a good opportunity to really push the team and maybe score some results. We are not expecting anything as the riders are going to be pushed this week. With all these races."
  The team as reported in the previous press release with take part in Apra Harbor Cup on Monday in Division 5 with the route really favoring Captain Irving Watts so expectation should be a strong result for the team.
  Later on Monday the Time trialers will get their first action at Chivacoa TT also an Division 5 race with Conan Guillot, Calvin Trevathan and Frederick Pattison expected to lead the charge for the team. No expectations for the race but one would hope for one of the three riders to score an result.
  Wednesday the Sprint team will be back in action with the first Division 6 race at Mayagüez - San Juan, which is another race profile that Irving Watts should have a good chance at claiming another result. This will depend on the how well the team recovers after a short turn around with only one day between races.
  Again with only a day between race the Sprint team will tackle Svenstrup KWC on Friday with Watts again looking like a favorite to score a result but with only five teams signed up at this time anyone is actually a favorite at this point. We expect more teams to sign up and take on the Canadian Nippon sprinting team.
  Saturday see the team tackle both Division 5 Secretos u Chichén Itzá and Division 6 BD Aalborg Gadeløb sprint races where the later will not favor the team leader Watts and should prove to be very difficult for the team to complete; let alone score a result but anything is possible. Secretos u Chichén Itzá would have been a race that the team would have expected Watts to score an result but with all the racing this again will prove extremely unlikely.
  Sunday will see the Time Trial team take their second turn at the Chrono de Tahoua and again won't have that many expectation heading into the event. A result would be extremely nice but not expected.
  If you lost count we won't be surprised as that is seven races in seven day for Canadian Nippon with five of the seven being raced by the sprint team and the remaining two being competed by the time trailist.
  Expectation are missed and by the end of the week we will know more about the Canadian Nippon Cycling team then we did before the extremely busy week. Either way it should be an interesting week of racing for the team.


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Canadian Nippon at 13:02 31/5-2020
  $10.000 weekly & 100.000 Instant by next Sunday plus 6.000 weekly so giving an nice injection of 116.000 in a single week without including results.

Canadian Nippon at 12:59 31/5-2020
  Trying to stop the drop so decided to go out kicking rather then not racing as much as I can. After this I will place the team on extended break I think and start more training depending on the results.
  I also have some strong Sponsor agreements in place or that need signed by the end of the week that should bring a huge amount of cash flow that was unexpected.

World Communism Team at 12:56 31/5-2020
  Tight schedule indeed.
  Best of luck out there.

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