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5th national title, will be there 6th as well?

Written by CC Est at 22:08 13/11-2018

  Alari Arjasepp from Ocaña has very likely secured his 5th consecutive Estonian national title. He could repeat the record of 6 titles by Tõnis Ersto already next season. Who could stop him? I review the 5 riders who are following him in the current rankings.
  1. Karro Kiuru from villamcyk has always been up there, but since his only title in season 37, he always was behind someone in the rankings. He will be 33 next season and if Arjasepp keep his role as captain in Ocana, it will be difficult to beat him for Kiuru.
  2. 30 years old, Leino Pukk has always ridden for someone else. However unlike his former teams, Drapeau Noir gave him chance to score last season. Despite quite nice performance, I am doubtful he could get enough support from top team like Drapeau Noir. Therefore it is unlikely Pukk will be the next champion in the Drapeau Noir.
  3. Kulvo Laur, 26 years old rising star from Cloud Atlas has shown great performance in Cymru and Essex tours last season. This season has been little disappointment, but his potential as hilly tour rider is great. If he gets more support from the team, he will be the man who could stop Arjasepp winning titles.
  4. Danek Rauniste from chupacabra is not a star sprinter. Probably he will work for Femi Tshiela next season again. But in season 48 he might take over the leader role in the team.
  5. Bruno Parv from squadra sora, the son of former 3-times champion Hugo Parv, is a specific niche rider. He could do very well in hilly TTs. If he gets support of the team in hilly tours he might be up there.
  There are some other riders who could surprise, but without changing their present team, it is very unlikely.
  List of Estonian champions.
  Season, rider, OCM rank, team
  49 Kulvo Laur 81 AK Pro Race Poland
  48 Alari Arjasepp 196 Ocaña Spain
  47 Alari Arjasepp 196 Ocaña Spain
  46 Alari Arjasepp 179 Ocaña Spain
  45 Alari Arjasepp 82 Ocaña Spain
  44 Alari Arjasepp 44 Ocaña Spain
  43 Alari Arjasepp 217 Ocaña Spain
  42 Alari Arjasepp 194 Ocaña Spain
  41 Heinry Tuudelepp 333 superduke Netherlands
  40 Arvo Kuku 62 logoloos Netherlands
  39 Arvo Kuku 47 logoloos Netherlands
  38 Arvo Kuku 426 Yuri SuperTeam Portugal / logoloos Netherlands
  37 Karro Kiuru 582 villamcyk Hungary
  36 Reinar Meringo 791 Forza17 Colombia
  35 Arvo Kuku 108 AK Pro Race Poland
  34 Urmo Just 326 CC Est Estonia
  33 Urmo Just 157 CC Est Estonia
  32 Tõnis Ersto 409 Limpid Hong Kong
  31 Tõnis Ersto 340 Limpid Hong Kong
  30 Tõnis Ersto 373 Limpid Hong Kong
  29 Tõnis Ersto 280 Limpid Hong Kong
  28 Tõnis Ersto 105 Limpid Hong Kong
  27 Tõnis Ersto 162 Limpid Hong Kong
  26 Danek Kiik 184 Godzilla Japan
  25 Danek Kiik 502 Godzilla Japan
  24 Danek Kiik 343 Godzilla Japan
  23 Danek Kiik 415 Godzilla Japan
  22 Valdis Altraja 98 Bywater CT Poland
  21 Hugo Parv 137 johny2 Netherlands
  20 Hugo Parv 48 johny2 Netherlands
  19 Hugo Parv 86 johny2 Netherlands
  18 Valdis Altraja 326 Navarone Cycling Team Spain
  17 Kaupo Luht 160 Club Ciclista Riaza Spain
  16 Kaupo Luht 271 Club Ciclista Riaza Spain
  15 Kaupo Luht 72 Club Ciclista Riaza Spain
  14 Kaupo Luht 208 Club Ciclista Riaza Spain
  13 Kaupo Luht 86 Club Ciclista Riaza Spain
  12 Aimer Pärnpuu 1232 Swedbank Estonia


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CC Est at 08:06 19/2-2019
  Record repeating 6th title to Arjasepp - well deserved. I am curious to see if there will be new record: 7th. Kulvo Laur was very close last season and will be stronger this season.

CC Est at 10:40 18/1-2019
  Day 59 update: Arjasepp is leading, but Laur is very close.
  1. Arjasepp 420
  2. Laur 380
  3. Parv 171
  4. Kiuru 100
  5. Rauniste 60

CC Est at 22:07 3/12-2018
  Close start for the two contenders:
  Arjasepp 50
  Laur 50
  Parv 25
  Kiuru 20

Ocaña at 17:50 26/11-2018
  Ok... Now I want the 6th title :)
  Impressive work CC Est.
  Glad to see that I am continuing a Spain/Estonia tradition

CC Est at 10:29 14/11-2018
  Thanks, but it is rider from Ocana who might get the 6th title:)

AnnoDomini at 09:59 14/11-2018
  ok, just thought that maybe you had another way of doing it... thanks and good luck with 6th title next season!

CC Est at 09:46 14/11-2018
  I just had a look on all time national ranking and checked season ending positions of all possible riders. It can be easily done for small OCM country like Estonia. For bigger country it would be quite amount of work.

AnnoDomini at 09:37 14/11-2018
  how are you checking who was the Estonian champ in previous seasons? Like in S22 for example?

CC Est at 09:07 14/11-2018
  Will be interesting to see how he performs, Cloud Atlas.
  Thank you, Chili.

Team Chili at 07:44 14/11-2018
  Cool article

Cloud Atlas at 03:27 14/11-2018
  next season he will get full support from Balthazar Radondo (56av) and hopefully adding one or 2 more guys

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