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New potatoe acquired - Viggo Foss

Written by Byttingvik at 16:47 9/2-2017

  Viggo Foss acquired from Drollevangers for $38000.
  Purchase stat - Potential - Current stat:
  CL: 42 - Very good - 82 (skillmax) + 3race pt == 85
  DH: 30 - Small - 50 (skillmax) + 2 race pts == 52
  HL: 27 - Small - 59 (skillmax) + 1 race pt == 60
  SP: 27 - Small - 30 = 1training point + 2 race pts == 30
  FR: 32 - Average - 64 (skillmax) + 1 race pt == 65
  CB: 27 - None
  TT: 27 - None
  TQ: 31- Small - 59(26 training points + 2 race points)
  Points trained: 40CL + 20DH + 32HL + 32FR + 26TQ +1SP == 151 + 11race pts.
  2017-02-11 10:30: Rider finished first four sessions, now signed up for race.
  2017-02-15 20:44: Rider completed first race as water carrier, sent to new training camp (CL). Contemplating training DH/FR next session due to budget restraints.
  2017-02-16 12:00: Rider at CL64, cash flow problems means I must train other skills for now. Am going for FR.
  2017-02-16 22:30: Rider sent to DH training camp.
  2017-02-17 11:30: Rider sent to another DH training camp. Last before another race.
  2017-02-20 16:40: Rider completed a race as water carrier. Sent to CL training camp.
  2017-02-21 11:16: Rider at CL69, can't afford another session, thus DH now.
  2017-02-21 20:00-ish: Rider sent to FR training camp.
  2017-02-21 23:38: rider sent to FR training camp. Last before new race.
  2017-03-02 12:22: Rider completed race and sent to training camp (CL). It appears funds might be an issue for this training cycle as well.
  2017-03-02 21:59: rider sent to DH training camp due to cash flow issues.
  2017-03-03 10:50: rider sent to new DH training camp.
  2017-03-03 16:58: rider appers DH-maxed at 50. sent to training camp: FR.
  2017-03-04 02:20: Four sessions completed. Rider signed up for race. Rider trained 63 pts and thus in danger zone for avmax, but with CL74,DH50 and FR44 he is fast becoming a usable TM.
  2017-03-11 17:30 Rider completed race and sent to training camp (CL). I plan to solve my funding issues by releasing my DH dud Kåre Holen.
  201703-12 10:30: Rider sent to another training camp (CL) . Kåre Holen released for $147k to fund the training.
  2017-03-12 18:15: Rider maxed in CL. Sent to new trainingcamp(FR)
  2017-03-13 09:00: Rider sent to fourth training camp (FR)
  2017-03-13 21:00: Rider signed up for another race.
  2017-03-16 09:40: Rider completed race and sent to training camp: FR.
  2017-03-16 20:09: Rider sent to training camp FR, expected skillmax.
  2017-03-16 21:58: Rider skillmaxed in FR, sent to training break in order to optimize two last training sessions during daytime (HL).
  2017-03-17 11:49: Rider sent to trainingcamp(HL).
  2017-03-17 18-ish: Rider pulled from trainingcamp at HL30, sent to fourth and final training camp before race.
  2017-03-18 11:40 Rider signed up for another race. He is now a usable teammate, every training point I get into him now is a bonus.
  2017-03-31: Gaah! injury! gone until 2017-04-07.
  2017-04-08 18:00: Rider sent to training camp (HL).
  2017-04-09 02:30: Rider pulled from training camp at HL39 and sent to second training camp (HL)
  2017-04-09 12:30: Rider completed session and is now at HL44. Lack of cash means training break before more training, I might sign up for races.
  2017-04-09 13:00: Philip De Weert's 3rd in Epuyén+Climbs provided necessary cash for more training camps (HL)
  2017-04-09 22:48: Rider sent to fourth training camp(HL) since last race.
  2017-04-10 11:00: Rider at HL54 and needs a race before training, (also, I need more money).
  2017-04-16 20:07: Rider sent to final hill training camp.
  2017-04-17 09:35: Rider at HL59, must be skillmax (potential: small).
  2017-05-03: Viggo Foss has increased a point in climbing. He has now got 83 in climbing. 19:19
  Viggo Foss has increased a point in hills. He has now got 60 in hills. 16:13
  2018-05-18 12:38:
  Decided to figure out if Viggo Foss is a suitable GC candidate - realised he is not avmaxed yet: Currently training TQ. So far 5pts.
  2018-05-18 23:35:
  another 5pts, another session.
  2018-05-19 09:37:
  another 5pts, another session.
  2018-05-19 23:00:
  Another 5pts, still not avmaxed What is this sorcery?
  2018-05-21 15:06:
  Race done - time for another session. Surely both skillmax and avmax now.
  2018-05-22 08:00
  another 5 points to TQ58, this is madness!
  2018-05-22 13:57
  another 1 point. Skillmaxed at TQ59. Surely this must stop. Sent to sprint training camp.
  2018-05-22 18:52
  Avmaxed: got one sprint point.
  2x TT center done - ready for tour


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Team Chili at 12:46 11/2-2017
  Lute is a dud, good call

Byttingvik at 21:42 10/2-2017
  In other news, Malecki got 2nd in Trofeu de Transalpina today! I possibly made a mistake captaining him instead of Lute, but I weighted impact of profile's CL7 more than HL3/FR4.

Team Chili at 21:26 10/2-2017
  I wondered what happened to the potato farm :)

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