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Race of the Minutemen - 3 years later

Written by Bilal at 11:40 16/4-2018

  I said in February 2015 that I will be ready next time, but I had not thought that this would be more than three years later.
  Anyhow, this is because getting registered for any tour is reaallly difficult. I was lucky enough to check the calendar when there were still 10 places up for grabs, and this time I had been ready, as I had proper candidates for good results.
  Coincidence or not (I think not, the registration time is probably more suitable for my habits) it was the Race of Minutemen yet again, so I needed a tour specialist, and Gregorian Jurca was up for the task.
  Although his stats are not perfect for this race (TT only 51 and DH is better than CL and HL; although having excellent TQ was really helpful), Jurca got decent results in all the important stages, with the "bomb" dropped in the small but hard ITT on Mount Washington where he got the second place and gained a place in the overall ranking. 4th place for a 25 years-old with only 4 experience and not a perfectly suited support team is not that bad I would say. Only 25 seconds delay as well.
  A word on the lieutenants, Cirocco Quartinie was an excellent vicecaptain, he was on 21st place in the end, but he did a lot of work in the mountain stages, as did Cristofor Mutu, Vicentiu Batranu and Nistor Movila. Incredibly, Nistor flew to Turkey for another race and got a decent result there (9th place but with a lesser team and with a lot of fatigue). Nestor Weygaerts was also excellent as a team mate and got to the top 5 after the first two stages, but he will have nothing official to show in his resume after all.
  So all in all, a much better outing than three years ago. 4th place overall and three stage results for Jurca, a total of 18.000 $ and 121 points. I just hope I can get in more tours, as they seem much more exciting than one-day races and therefore I am more inclined in writing press releases after them. I hope the next one will not be in july 2021!


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