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U23 TT World Champion returns to racing

Written by Australian Warlord at 11:41 21/2-2021

  Frederik Dale returns to racing after winning the u23 TT World Championships.
  Returning to his first serious race after becoming the u23 TT world champion, Frederik finished 9th in the Budapest ITT, having partied the week away from the road.
  A week earlier, in the World Championships ITT, the Australian TTer overcome a less than ideal preparation and competitors in top form to snag his first professional win in his first season, signifying his intent to be one of the top TTers for the next dozen seasons.
  It was a season Australian Warlord would otherwise prefer to forget, with bad luck & missteps costing the team, culminating with the team failing to qualify to the season ending World Championships ITT, where Finn McCracken would have been favoured to win a second TT WC jersey. In the end it was up to Frederik to salvage something from the team's season 55 campaign.
  The coming week will see the TTers along with other Australian Warlord cyclists fully return to racing, where we'll get an indication as to whether the squad can expect to be in form for season 56.


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U23 TT World Champion returns to racing

  Frederik Dale returns to racing after winning the u23 TT World Championships. Returning to his first serious race after becoming the u23 TT world champion, Fre...


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