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End of Season Report S42- AusGo

Written by AusGo at 07:30 12/1-2018

  Season 42 End of Season Report
  One of the worst seasons for a while. Manager Michael’s life got in the way and I’ve been too lazy to post this report until now, so here it is, the results of season 42
  PortugalPorto - Viana do Castelo (VP) - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  DenmarkRingkøbing - Ringkøbing - SpainAdolfo Belsue
  Top 3 Results/ Classic Top 9
  2nd - USAPhoenix GP - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  3rd - AustraliaKangaroo Tour YC (KT) - AustraliaRiley Eadie
  3rd - DenmarkThe Mollerup Memorial - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  3rd - PortugalPorto - Porto (Parade) (VP) - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  3rd - AustraliaGold Coast - Gold Coast (KT) - AustraliaRiley Eadie
  3rd - SwitzerlandCritérium du Lac de Neuchâtel (U23) - AustraliaGeoff Houston
  4th - DenmarkVejle-København - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  5th - AustraliaKangaroo Tour GC (KT) - AustraliaRiley Eadie
  8th - JapanMito - Tokyo - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  Other notable results
  4th - PortugalPorto - Aveiro (VP) - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  4th - PortugalVinhais - Vinhais (VP) - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  4th - ItalyFirenze - Fiesole - Firenze - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  5th - AustraliaToowoomba - Brisbane (KT) - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  5th - AustraliaNewcastle - Sydney (KT) - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  5th - ItalyTorino Street Race - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  6th - DenmarkCycling Grand Prix of Voerså - DenmarkOlaf Juhl
  7th - AustraliaCoffs Harbour - Port Macquarie (KT) - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  8th - ArgentinaSanto Tomé Sprint - SpainAdolfo Belsue
  9th - PortugalPorto - Viana do Castelo (VP) - SpainAdolfo Belsue
  9th - AustraliaSydney - Sydney (KT) - AustraliaGraham Creagh
  Points and Cash
  AustraliaGraham Creagh- $94.000, 714 OCM Points
  SpainAdolfo Belsue- $19.000, 116 OCM Points
  AustraliaRiley Eadie- $19.000, 120 OCM Points
  AustraliaGeoff Houston- $4.000, 10 OCM Points
  DenmarkOlaf Juhl- $7000, 40 OCM Points
  Total: $143.000, 1000 OCM Points
  AusGo Hall of Fame
  SpainEverardo Valderrama
   S36 - ItalyGiro di Sicilia YC
  SpainAdolfo Belsue
   S39 - ItalyGiro di Sicilia GC
   S39 - ItalyGiro di Sicilia YC
   S41 - Rotterdam Classic
  AustraliaGraham Creagh
   S41 - AustraliaKangaroo Tour YC
   PR Manager
   Owen Payne


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End of Season Report S42- AusGo

  Season 42 End of Season Report AusGo One of the worst seasons for a while. Manager Michael’s life got in the way and I’ve been too lazy to pos...


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Team Chili at 07:51 12/1-2018
  Creagh and Houston, what an unbeatable duo.

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