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Written by Anonymous Cycling Project at 18:59 9/12-2018

  Today marks the end of career of the last 2 remaining riders from the original Anonymous Cycling Project squad. And not just 2 riders, but ones who very much shaped the history of the team: Vanox Kakudji and Jeaderphy Lengela.
  And no race could have been more fitting than The Last Amazing Race. Not just because of the name, but also because the race was won twice by ACP riders. The first time back in season 36, when Vanox Kakudji surprisingly beat some very strong competitors - including even Armando Silveira! 4 seasons later, team captain Ahmed Luyobo won it as well. The team attended the race a third time in season 43, but without much success - Kakudji only got 6th place.
  But today, it was different. With Luyobo having left the team and Kakudji already being 38 years old, the chosen leader was Lacina Jaja. The motivation was very high with the race being the final one of the ACP legends, so naturally, everyone (5 Central Africans!) did what they could for the Togolese powerhouse, and everything went perfect. Despite his limited technical abilities, Lacina was in a good position for the final sprint, and gave everything he could. It was enough to take home the win for a third time in team history. The farewell of Vanox and Jeaderphy could not have been better.
  From now on, the old stars will work in the ACP Foundation, giving support to victims of the CAR civil war and various other good causes in sub-Saharan Africa. One day they might be able to also get a role within the team again.


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AnnoDomini at 09:30 12/12-2018
  will you write a bio for each of them?

Anonymous Cycling Project at 16:54 11/12-2018

Bilsky at 15:23 11/12-2018
  Nice PR

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