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The new Vanox

Written by Anonymous Cycling Project at 22:03 25/12-2016

  Christmas Day 2016. A special day in Anonymous Cycling Project team history. Manager anonymous was celebrating Christmas when suddenly he got a phone call. The talent scout had found a very promising rider in Cameroon, somewhere near Yaoundé. The scout saw the cyclist, riding at full speed trying to follow a car. He immediately asked the rider's name.
  'Vanox, as in... Vanox Kakudji?'
  'No, Vanox Kikedi. It's a sad story... I got a bike from a foundation when I was 13, and I used it to get to school. I tried to do it as quickly as possible, to avoid being late. Four years later, my mother died... And my father already died when I was a little boy...*cries* To get over it, I decided to change my life radically by changing my name. I found a newspaper on the street, it had an article in it about an African guy winning a cycling race in the USA. I really liked his name, Vanox. That became my new name. And I started to cycle 40 km everyday, hoping to become as good as him. He's my hero.'
  'What was your old name?'
  'I don't wanna tell... Please don't ask...'
  'I have to tell you something... I'm a talent scout of the team Vanox rode for. If you like it, I can test your strength, and maybe you'll get a spot on the team!'
  'That would be so nice... You have saved my day. No. My life.'
  The scout tested him, and he was utterly surprised. Never had he seen such a talented sprinter since the team's all time greatest, Vanox Kakudji. And his side skills were also sufficient. And the best thing was, he had made a poor man lucky by changing his life. Again.


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The new Vanox

  Christmas Day 2016. A special day in Anonymous Cycling Project team history. Manager anonymous was celebrating Christmas when suddenly he got a phone call. The ...



Anonymous Cycling Project at 18:14 26/12-2016
  His full potential:
  CL: Small
  DH: None
  HL: None
  SP: Incredible
  FR: Average
  CB: Small
  TT: Small
  TQ: Average
  I'm training him, just for fun ;) (And because of his story...)

familytour at 08:28 26/12-2016
  Haha,Anonymous(Greench) stole Christmas:)

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