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Season 51

Written by AnnoDomini at 13:12 14/2-2020

  We are ending the season in top div with 1910 points earned. This is only 216pts shy from our best ever score, so we can say the season was succesful. Number of results was not big (3 wins and 8 res) but one of the wins was a breakaway win by Pawel Urbanowicz in Minsk CBGP classic which means we can put a 4th trophy on our Palmares shelf.
  Other wins came from our best scoring rider Gustaw Banas in Ajaccio – Bastia, 13 seasons after Eleonor Berka won that race for us, and we also had another BA win from Jurre Bekkers in Mount Taranaki Cup – this time 18 seasons after Arturo di Luca back-to-back victories in this race.
  In terms of rosters we didnt have any retirements this season and we continue to build our cobble squad. Thomas Menard completed his training a bit earlier than we hoped for, but he was 6th in Prague – Liberec, so he should do ok in CB races with high SP stat. We are now training Georg Alfke and after him we will train another German cobbler Dietrich Salter.
  We also need to remember that after Season 52 the 10-year contracts of our trainers will expire, so we will have to hire new coaches.
  Thats it for now. Keep cool everybody and see you all on the road!


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