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Lukasz Ignatowicz retires

Written by AnnoDomini at 08:18 16/5-2018

  After 14 seasons with AnnoDomini Lukasz Ignatowicz decided to end his cycling career.
  As a youngster Lukasz had plenty of talent and could have become a great rider (1x very good, 2xgood stats) however a car accident on one of the training runs has stopped his development and he never reached his true potential. He was however a loyal team mate who was given a free role sometimes to take part in breakaways. Two of them brought Lukasz to the podium - he was 2nd in Dublin-Sligeah race after losing the sprint to his breakaway companion, but in Asane Grand Prix he escaped alone and managed to get a marvellous win, the only one in his career.
  Thanks Lukasz for being with us and we wish you all the best in your future.


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