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Written by Andeby at 10:37 9/6-2018

  So we did introduce some sort of team. However plenty of them have already left with several more going in and out. I guess we all knew, as we generally dislike people, making us unable to keep everyone around for so long.
  Anyways. The goals for the recent upcoming transfer is to make our team more experienced and competetive. We realised our team was too young and needed some experienced leaders to help us going further.
  Moneybike. While we did previously manage this team with a very economical approach, our team no longer aims to be purely profitable but also competetive. In general, our current team (with the awaited signings) will have a seasonal cost of 620'. It is extremely high and way higher than we've ever had, so we dont even expect to break even. But we're hoping for some fun and glory!


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  And then we were broke. I guess moving away from Norway does that to you....



  So we did introduce some sort of team. However plenty of them have already left with several more going in and out. I guess we all knew, as we generally dislike...


S45 Plans

  CL and HL-branches never got any introduction because they are all shite. But regardless, I still have some plans for them as well for the next season. CL-Te...



  Alot of back and forth. But with a glimpse of motivation, we are forming a new team. The new squad will consist mainly of a CL-team, a SP-team and a HL-team. We...


Following in Don's footsteps

  So, Don has moved to Norway and dumbed me down. Taggy will trigger his TF for GdM. And though it might look planned, it really isnt. But Don reassured me that i...


The beginning of the end

  We've done good business on DP-slavery, but that adventure is coming to an end. We've decided that we want to become a (half)proper cycling team. As there arent...


The diary of Coach Kling

  So he finally caved! The stupid manager Donald, who is named after a cartoon. Ive grown so sick and tired of these Norwegian women. Apparently you have to take ...



  We decided that the Norwegian community was getting crowded enough and wish to go somewhere more secluded in order to do some funky business. We've been in the ...


The dirty Russian

  We were doing our regular business of hiring slaves and then throwing them back out to the wolves for a profit. However there was this Russian guy who always ca...


Out with a bang!

  So close, yet so far away. Cesario might have finished his last race for Andeby. And he finished in style. We wish him the best of luck returning to his home co...


Breaking the top 4

  So I finally did something that Liverpool never seem to accomplish, breaking the top 4. This achievement also completed the norwegian top 4, which means I am be...


Money, money, money

  So, while my main piece of business has started to struggle, as Ive been down to 17 DP-riders this season, my side business of racing has started to flourish an...


Coach Kling to offer tutoring lessons ?

  Im sorry dear diary. Havent been able to write you in quite some time. Been busy working. HAHAHA! Right ? No, who am I kidding ? They've assigned me to coach th...


The Diary of Coach Kling

  Haha! I got a new job in Norway. Them Norwegians and their oil money. What can you do ? Other than just reaping their gold. They are so stupid, makes me chuckle...



  So now, football resumes! Which has resultet in us giving our riders a break from competitive racing to give in to their gambling problems. After a month of non...


The S-s-studderer v2.0

  Being bulled as a child, he started to studder. He also learned how to cycle real fast, at a steady pace, going for ages. He also acquired a taste for hills as ...


Everaerts showing signs of promise

  Not only did Damian Domagala win Luxembourg TT, but our talented Florian Everaerts got his first result, a very solid 3rd Place in the race. We wish to congratu...



  It has only been 7 months since Ernst Krogh requested to leave the team because he realised we werent a serious cycling team. Since then, things have changed......


Mouritsen slams management!

  Mouritsen has made it very clear to the management that he is fed up having no friends. He is tired of Norwegians not understanding Danish. When we decided to s...


Season coming to an end

  It has been an eventful season for team Andeby. We started the season by bringing in Steen Mouritsen and switching to TT. This has been a major success and we'v...


Blowing the budget!

  So it was New years and we blew up a truck load of money on fireworks. It was a double disaster, as game Developer Nick announced there would be a training disc...


New Jersey

  No, we havent been on vacation. We have signed a big Dane to be our captain and we are making him wear the Norwegian colours in our new jersey. We have high hop...


MedioCRAZY ?

  We recently in a press release declared ourselves mediocre. Something that evidently didnt exactly hit the mark within our team. Our best riders (which are of c...


Duckburg international

  So, for those who doesnt know, Andeby is actually Duckburg in Norwegian. We are a very international team at the moment, so Ive taken the liberty to look up som...


Aiming for mediocre!

  So, we've realised that we are a fairly poor cycling team. I mean, our main source of income is sending our riders on jobs ? However we've recently signed L...


When the going gets tough...

  The tough gets going. We however, have been falling in divisions constantly for a while. We made a quick visit in 5th before our downfall started. We will lose ...



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