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Road To The US

Written by Amstel Flanders at 03:54 6/12-2022

  Greetings OCM managers. It’s been a while since our last update, but it is the right moment to do this “short” press conference.
  S63 hasn’t been so bright in the beginning at least. Despite lack of results, we have managed to score enough to be part of our first target of this season: RotM SC. Although we are not very sure if it’ll go as we originally planned, since we took a small break of 12 days from competition to spend some good quality time away from the modern bless-curse of the Internet, and Iranman might be not in his best shape to perform as he usually does. But we are optimistic to seek a decent place in this race, our first time racing this tour and learn from the experience.
  Shahram Azargoshasp has retired a few days ago from professional cycling and now he’s enjoying life from the sofa while shouting to TV how slow and conservative the race is going. Our training program is showing some progress with Vandenbosch, who has maxed out two of his three main skills and the other trainees are excited, awaiting their turns (laughs).
  Bragança and Nkurunziza have improved their TQ and SP abilities, maybe we can get something good out of them in the near future in terms of racing. With Iranman recently turned 32, every pair of legs are welcome to contribute…
  Now the team just awaits the moment when sign up starts to pick the best five helpers for the captain and hope OCM Script Gawds help us again as they normally do(‘nt).
  Over n’ Out.


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Amstel Flanders at 05:42 12/12-2022
  Yes, bad edition to join in.

Universal Soup at 05:40 12/12-2022
  Good luck! Seems like a lot of sprinters this season and only 2 stages to shine. Maybe 3 with the prologue.
  #POTUS1 - BrokenChain

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