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The New Amstel Flanders

Written by Amstel Flanders at 17:32 5/8-2022

  Hello folks. Arriving from Taiwan Dark Tour, Zack Fayard has joined the team with joy and big expectations. While our line up is focusing on some good targets, Zack is going to take a short break from racing to acquire new energies to race again.
  “It’s like a dream. You know, I always had the dream I could be an important rider and now I will have the opportunity to show my skills. Definitely I’m not missing this chance, I want to thank the team for their effort and hopefully I can return the favor soon,” Fayard said during his presentation.
  As we announced in our previous article, Zack will take over Boris’ calendar and he will learn from him. But, we also have good hopes put on our stagiaires training, and fulfill Manager Williamson’s biggest ambition: a FR sprinter.
  After Carrara’s big fail, the managerial staff moved and scouted the market in search of potential talents to train or buy. More in favour of the training idea, since the FR sprinters are so popular and expensive (in cycling, that means unless you overpay, you don’t get a talented and trained dude). Of course, when this dream began a few seasons ago, we were as broke as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises. Although we did some sacrifices and we have a healthier economy now plus less stress to train since there’s an established squad, this has become an obsession comparable to create eggs from bacon.
  Several nights later, a hard auction and a knock in the door, the team has three potential stars of the roads to train and, a complicated mission: made of gold one of them.
  We spent 235k to hire the three of them and here you can meet them exclusively, on AmstelFlandersTV.
  PortugalRafael Bragança
  He was the first to join, back at the last days of S60 with just 20 years old. After a long auction, Rafael declined POM’s offer to become Amstel rider for a transfer fee of 165k. He is athletic, likes soda and reading comics… ah, also cycling. Bragança has the typical FR profile you can find in any market with some other side skills.
  CL: None (28)
  DH: None (28)
  HL: None (26)
  SP: None (39)
  FR: None (49)
  CB: None (28)
  TT: None (28)
  TQ: None (34)
  CL: Small
  DH: Small
  HL: Small
  SP: Average
  FR: Very good
  CB: Small
  TT: None
  TQ: Average
  BelgiumTheo De Groot
  If you read the story of how Belgium conquered its first Tour de France, then you won’t be surprised why Theo join us. It’s called Belgian solidarity, he was found at the Free Hire List and for just 35k De Groot become part of the Amstel family this past S61 when he was 21 years old. He enjoys swimming and cooking, besides cycling. Shares a similar profile with Bragança, however, Theo lacks any other side skills.
  CL: None (29)
  DH: None (27)
  HL: None (27)
  SP: None (43)
  FR: None (44)
  CB: None (26)
  TT: None (28)
  TQ: None (27)
  CL: None
  DH: None
  HL: None
  SP: Average
  FR: Very good
  CB: None
  TT: None
  TQ: Average
  GermanyAndré Tran
  In the final hours of S61, manager Williamson was sitting late night at home. Designing the calendar and picking the warm-up races for the leaders when another addiction striked his mood at 2 am. Checking the Hire List. With very limited funds, he put his eye on an interesting hill born cyclist to see if he was a potential candidate for a fat sale.
  After single scout Hill, to his frustration the skill showed an Average potential. “Such a waste… at least it was only 1k,” Williamson murmured and returned to Team Profile to see the squad. With only 40k in the bank, a little voice in his head whispered Williamson to fully scout the cyclist. Besides, only 4k plus it would mean no harm at all, so our Manager returned to Hire List and he was there, like someone in expectation. After clicking Quick Scout and wait for the page to reload, the manager almost dropped the phone…
  “Holy s#¡t, he is mine, nobody else touch him!!!” he shouted to his own phone, hands shivering and sweating. When the transfer was complete, only 1k remained left in the bank. Andre joined for a humble fee of 35k, just like his partner; and it’s not the first time Amstel Flanders hires a rider after a failed single scout and then a full scouting. Moreover, legend assures that night manager Williamson behaved like Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings… “My precious… my precious…” he muttered half asleep while looking his skills on screen.
  Here you can see the reason.
  CL: None (28)
  DH: None (26)
  HL: None (40)
  SP: None (30)
  FR: None (31)
  CB: None (26)
  TT: None (28)
  TQ: None (27)
  CL: Good
  DH: Average
  HL: Average
  SP: Average
  FR: Very good
  CB: None
  TT: Good
  TQ: Good
  So far we can only dream, the job is far from done. But dreams are free, and made of breeze, and you can’t just have one (takes a sip of beer) so, if you can imagine it, you may have it.
  Over n’ Out.


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Amstel Flanders at 06:52 8/8-2022
  He is, you're just a chili

Team Chili at 06:45 8/8-2022
  I am Groot

Amstel Flanders at 20:54 5/8-2022
  Yeah, real life story. Sam showed in the FR thread in his firsts seasons but now pretty focused on SP. If any of them maxes high is a triumph for me.

Holwerda Cycling at 20:51 5/8-2022
  Great story about André.
  Off course I will be interested to see whether these guys will show up in the FR competition.

Amstel Flanders at 20:05 5/8-2022
  Yeah, my fingers are crossed just as my arms

Universal Soup at 19:12 5/8-2022
  nice riders, good luck with them and hopefully a high max!

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