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An Inauguration...

Written by Amstel Flanders at 16:05 10/1-2022

  Today we humbly open to any visitor our office of trophies and prizes. Sam "Iranman" Azargoshasp conquered today Cup of the Four Rivers. An unexpected result and not just the win, how it happened it's a surprise. Perhaps the gods of OCM grinned at the sight of our prayers for a good season and the victims... sorry, gifts; we provided calmed them down.
  Two wins and a second place were enough to bring home the architectural trophy. And no, no TF or that sort of bonuses the sharks love and abuse, just the strength of faith and ruining the equipment of the other riders hehehe. At the beginning this race wasn't in our plans but it appeared in our files suddenly so the riders said, why not? So we recharge the DP to be high and cross fingers... the rest, you don't or you should know it *wink*.
  Curious detail. It's our first good win and no thread on the forum... I wonder why? (No I don't).
  Over and out. Next mission will be Argo, Part II.


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An Inauguration...

  Today we humbly open to any visitor our office of trophies and prizes. Sam "Iranman" Azargoshasp conquered today Cup of the Four Rivers. An unexpected result an...


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Amstel Flanders at 22:00 11/1-2022
  Didn't have the chance to show up some strength. Now is time for Iranman Part IV ;)

Silenzio at 08:17 11/1-2022
  About time :) congrats!

Schiavi di Don at 22:46 10/1-2022

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