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New riders progess

Written by Amazonia at 03:47 22/6-2022

  our two new colombian stars are still in training camp to reach their maximum potential.
  Rufo Villaruel has not yet finished his training but after 169 points the team is very happy with his potential. We know he has more potential in flat (small) but we will prefer to let him race, he is young and the team has given him the green line for his 1st big tour "la generation future".
  The second rider Guillermo Feijoo is training his second skill 'downhill'. As far we know he maxed CL unfortunately. These trainers are monitoring him everyday giving him the best chance to improve his potential.
  He will be a good support for Rufo villaruel during la generation future.
  Then they will race couple of races in division 2 but the goal after 'the tour' will be the u23 world championship.
  We can't wait to see them racing and getting some fun & results :)


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New riders progess

  our two new colombian stars are still in training camp to reach their maximum potential. Rufo Villaruel has not yet finished his training but after 169 points...


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Amazonia at 22:39 23/6-2022
  Thanks :) The plan was only Salvadorian riders but there is no enough riders showing on the HL unfortunately. That's why I decided to stick to South America to have a team, not easy there is less talent than in Europe.
  The goal is to have a leader for almost each big tour, I need to add some jerseys :)

AnnoDomini at 21:43 23/6-2022
  hi, I like your South American team, nice to keep a theme like that. You have a big variety of strong riders, who can score in any type of races. Keep up the good work!

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