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Great succes of Kurt Tielemans

Written by AK Pro Race at 17:12 11/9-2017

  Kurt Tielemans just won the Zurich-Bern-Zurich classic thanks to his top form. It's wonderful win and what's more - it is first career win for Kurt who always had a problems with winnings importants races.
  After 13 seasons break AK Pro Race has a new trophy in our hands :)


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Season 44 summary

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Great succes of Kurt Tielemans

  Kurt Tielemans just won the Zurich-Bern-Zurich classic thanks to his top form. It's wonderful win and what's more - it is first career win for Kurt who always h...


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Top 10

  Now is the question if we can hold it till end of the season....


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Top Division

  I'm here just for a moment but want to say hello everyone :) and see you again for a moment :D...


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First trophy

  After raced 3 days ago Classic Oslo our small club museum enriched by a new trophy. Fermin Veron made a good work with assistance of older mates. I hope that t...


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  Despite the very bad end of the season avarage was very good. 553 points is new team record and I'm sure that it's not last word of El Pato Boys. We took part i...


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New Quintana?

  Feed your curiosity and scout Nairo's countryman ;)...



V02maXXers at 21:55 11/9-2017
  Nice win. Congrats!

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