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22:24 GMT         Day 70 of 90, Season 56    

Hubert Cleempit shows talent

  Hommelbier had a perfect day after controlling the race in Alrededor del Lago Ypacaraí . The sprint was set perfectly for Hubert Cleempit, who just had to sprint along and win when his team mates launched the sprint. It was a close race between Tuan Koch from TJ Banik OKD and Hubert Cleempit, though, Hubert Cleempit's win was never really threatened.
As we got close to the finishing line, I suddeny realized I had my chance today said a surprised winner. When the other sprinters launched the sprint, I just followed along, and I even managed pass them in the end.
Hommelbier's manager, De Clercq, was satisfied after the result in Alrededor del Lago Ypacaraí . Hubert Cleempit did very well today. Everything turned out as we planned it, and Hubert Cleempit had the power to win, said the manager.

Alrededor del Lago Ypacaraí
Hubert Cleempit
Tuan Koch
Zainadine Demba