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15:16 GMT         Day 67 of 90, Season 55    

Jose Orozco makes it two

  Many climbs, a sunny day and several attacks shaped the race in El Limón - El Carman. One after another, the riders tried to break away from the main group, though no one could succeed.
When the final climb was near, Sanchx and Erskine Pegley made sure no one could attack by setting a high tempo in the lead. At the end of the climb, only the strongest climbers were in front. With 1.5 kilometres to go, (Team Lewis and Clark) launched an attack, which Erskine Pegley (Celtic Wolves) and Jose Orozco (Sanchx) easily countered.
David Nikolayev lost Erskine Pegley's wheel when the sprint was launched, and Jose Orozco had a close sprint with Erskine Pegley. Jose Orozco was the fastest in the sprint, leaving Erskine Pegley only a few inches behind. David Nikolayev, who had no power left for the sprint, secured his third place only 3 seconds later.
The climbs today were tough, but I felt good all day, said Jose Orozco after winning. I loved the ending of the stage. It was when I saw the ending of the route I knew that I could win. It was perfect for me.
It's good to see Jose Orozco fulfilling his ambitions winning this stage. He deserves the victory more than anyone else, said the proud manager of Sanchx, Sanchx, and continued: The team was a good support for him (Jose Orozco) today, and he clearly proved his worth in the break away today.

El Limón - El Carman
Jose Orozco
Erskine Pegley
David Nikolayev