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07:38 GMT         Day 74 of 90, Season 54    

Oddmund Tandberg unbeatable

  Westbay Ninjas had a perfect day after controlling the race in Cedar Rapids Circuit. The sprint was set perfectly for Oddmund Tandberg, who just had to sprint along and win when his team mates launched the sprint. It was a close race between Deng Kazilawe from Sahin and Oddmund Tandberg, though, Oddmund Tandberg's win was never really threatened.
Oddmund Tandberg was happy for his victory in Cedar Rapids Circuit. I've trained a lot and aimed to win this race, and now suddenly it happened! said the satisfied winner.
It's good to see Oddmund Tandberg fulfilling his ambitions winning this stage. He deserves the victory more than anyone else, said the proud manager of Westbay Ninjas, Christofer Johansson, and continued: The team was a good support for him (Oddmund Tandberg) today, and he clearly proved his worth in sprint.

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