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14:35 GMT         Day 41 of 90, Season 54    

Brilliant debut for Yaroslav Oplatka

  Stage 4 of Norway Tour was exciting all the way through. Several riders tried their luck on the climbs, yet the stage were to be terminated by a leading group of climbers. Early on the climb, Yaroslav Oplatka (CyclingClubChomutov) launched an attack, and he managed to get away alone. No one could match Yaroslav Oplatka's tempo, as he drove to the top without any threats. The rest of the climbers stayed together in a group, where Stanley Witham (Spin Doctors) secured his second place right in front of MatĂ˝sek Lahev (TD rockets).
The climbs today were tough, but I felt good all day, said Yaroslav Oplatka after winning. I loved the ending of the stage. It was when I saw the ending of the route I knew that I could win. It was perfect for me.
Michael Danner, manager of CyclingClubChomutov, was happy with the result: The whole team did well today. Everything turned out as we hoped, and luckily, Yaroslav Oplatka was the strongest rider out there today. The proud manager didn't hide that he was satisfied with Yaroslav Oplatka's result. Yaroslav Oplatka did well. No one deserved the victory more than him. He put his focus on this stage long ago, and he kept his motivation high. I'm happy for him and the team, said Michael Danner.