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13:32 GMT         Day 24 of 90, Season 53    

Josh Ieremia's first victory: Budapest ITT

  Josh Ieremia, Bing Team, was the fastest rider among the participants in the individual time trial race, Budapest ITT. Josh Ieremia was incredible fast on the final kilometres, as he was only second at the last split time. Infront of him was Megaman's Rosario Zabaleta who became second overall on the stage. Another interesting name was Adônis Lourenço from California Mist who started out with an incredible tempo, which he of course couldn't keep going. He lost many important seconds on the second part of the route, which moved him to the third place overall.
My legs felt good today, so I gave it everything I had, said Josh Ieremia after winning Budapest ITT.The manager of Bing Team was proud of his rider today. Josh Ieremia has been training and preparing himself for this race. It's an important victory - both for Josh Ieremia but also for the team.

Budapest ITT
Josh Ieremia
Rosario Zabaleta
Adônis Lourenço