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06:36 GMT         Day 44 of 90, Season 54    

Markus Hammerstein fastest in Lima - Ticlio Pass

  The activity in the peloton was high in Lima - Ticlio Pass. Several riders attempted to break away. When the peloton passed the first 9 km, Fontana Borrello (parderodas), Markus Hammerstein, (Loithletics) and Clyde Enlow (Bauer Power) launched an attack. The peloton didn't take the attack too serious, which resulted in the trio fighting for the stage win. Markus Hammerstein won the sprint in the group, and became the happy winner of Lima - Ticlio Pass. Clyde Enlow was second, and Fontana Borrello third.
Loithletics's Markus Hammerstein was happy for the win. Today was me and my team's day. This win is not only important for me, but also for the team! said Markus Hammerstein.
It's good to see Markus Hammerstein fulfilling his ambitions winning this stage. He deserves the victory more than anyone else, said the proud manager of Loithletics, Helmbrecht, and continued: The team was a good support for him (Markus Hammerstein) today, and he clearly proved his worth in the break away today.

Lima - Ticlio Pass
Markus Hammerstein
Clyde Enlow
Fontana Borrello